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Fan translator Rattan Man has released a full English fan translation patch for Black Lilith’s netorare-centric nukige, Ochiru Hitozuma.

Originally released in 2011 with an enhanced animated edition following five years later, Ochiru Hitozuma (or The falling someone else’s wife) is a short netorare and netori nukige eroge by Black Lilith, all about a young boy stepping into the world of depravity and becoming a prostitute trainer.

Fan translator Rattan Man from Rattan Man Translations, known for working on other Lilith titles in the past, has provided fans with a full English translation patch.

Be sure to read on for a detailed story and character descriptions taken from VNDB, along with a trailer and screenshots from the animated version of the game.


Three years ago Haruki’s parents were killed in a car accident leaving Haruki with no one but himself. Luckly, Haruki was soon adopted into the Nagisa family, but Haruki has a dark past that none of them knows. As it turns out Haruki’s father was a highly skilled trainer within a prostitution ring called Under Eden. Before he died Haruki’s father introduced the young boy to the local establishment in the city called Paradise. With the intention to follow in his father footsteps, Haruki befriends the master of the establishment and also gets access to various drugs and other equipment to use as he see fit.

As Haruki begins to live with the Nagisa family he sets his eyes on the beautiful wife Sayoko who is now his stepmother. Sayoko owns a small tea shop located at the bottom floor of their three story house. Her husband works at a company and is often out of the house or on business trips. Sayoko also has a son named Takashi who goes in the same class as Haruki, the two of them are friends, but Takashi doesn’t know about Haruki’s perverted interests. As time goes Haruki sets up a long term plan were he spikes Sayoko’s tea daily with aphrodisiac drugs over the course of three years. Meanwhile he is also drugging Sayoko’s husband to become less interested in sex due to impotence.

Sayoko is not the only woman Haruki has set his eyes on. At his school works the strict but very attractive teacher Reiko Fuyuno who is also a close personal friend of Sayoko. Reiko is however more difficult to pursue, since she hasn´t been drugged like Sayoko. One day Haruki feigns illness to stay at home. Using his manipulating skills he turns Sayoko’s motherly feelings of him into desire. With a devilish young innocence, an unnatural large penis, drugs and other utensils and with the assistance of Under Eden, Haruki is starting out his career as the youngest sexual degeneration trainer in Under Eden history. But he must be careful; Reiko’s younger sister Ryoko who works for the police is investigating the Under Eden ring and could potentially ruin everything…


Nagisa Haruki

Haruki is an orphan who’s family died three years ago in a car accident. He was taken in by the Natsume family. Haruki has a dark past. His father was a trainer for the Under Eden prostitution ring and before his death he introduced Haruki to the organisation. Haruki’s only goal is to become a first class prostitution trainer and although he may look innocent and cute he is actually a very devilish and perverted child.

Fuyuno Reiko

Reiko is a teacher at Haruki’s middle school. She is a refined and hot blooded woman who is considered to be the ideal female teacher. In her youth she was known as a promising ballet dancer and she is also the adviser for the school ballet club. She has been married for three years and are friends with Sayoko.

Natsume Sayoko

Sayoko is the mother of Takashi and the object of Haruki’s desire. She is 35 years old and owns a small tea shop located at the bottom floor of the familys three story house. She is striving to make Haruki feel at home and to make him think of her as his new mother.

Ayase Ryouko

Ryouko is the younger sister of Reiko. She works within law enforcement as an investigator. She is currently trying to track down the Under Eden organization.



Ochiru Hitozuma ~Animation~’s Japanese version can be purchased on the English version of DLsite for $25.73 by following this link . The fan translation patch can be downloaded here.

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