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Podcast and Mailbag Announcement – Ask LewdGamer Questions

LewdGamer is starting its own podcast very soon and we would like you to ask us questions we will answer during the show.

In our endless efforts to bring you a diverse range of quality content, we have decided to announce we will be starting our own podcast, tentatively known as Pillow Talk. During Pillow Talk, the LewdGamer staff will be having casual talks about all things related to the adult and non-adult gaming industry, our personal interests and generally having a jolly, unscripted time. We plan to end each (hopefully) bi-weekly show with a segment appropriately named Mailbag, in which we will be answering most — if not all — of your questions, be they serious or silly. Please use the comments section of this article to ask us any questions you desire. Nothing is too on-topic or off-topic to be ignored.

The first PillowTalk episode should be ready in the next seven days from this article’s posting and will be made available on our YouTube channel, as well as SoundCloud.

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  • Valwin Mediaz

    Should have me as a guess for one of this someday

  • Pat

    1. Will you have a RSS feed for your podcast?
    2. What is the name of the game from the picture?

  • The Loli Lord

    What was your introduction to adult games/eroge/lewd interactive media content?

    (i.e. What was the first adult game each of you played that more or less hooked you on the genre?)

  • FelliVox

    Are traps gay? And why does the dick make it better?

  • Who has the best ojousama laugh?

  • Carnes344

    What is the most specific fetish y’all have?

    Which anime/manga surprised you with not having more doujins?

  • What is Rillania’s ass size?

    And what is Krimson’s tit size?

  • FALprofessional

    Perhaps I have just been oblivious, but does LewdGamer have a lewd mascot? ZONE and Zone-tan come to mind with this question.

    By the way, I always clean up for the next guy. Thought I’d let you know. Priorities.

  • Narmy

    source on the article image?

  • Toby Park

    What are your guy’s favorite Visual Novel and if you could point out the pros and cons of it with a rating, that would be nice.

  • Is any of you into lolis? Doesn’t matter in what way.

    Also, what fetishes make you actually cringe? Do mention the usual (e.g. for me it’s scat) but I’d love to hear about the more unknown ones.

  • 乙女の敵MiNT

    If we participate in the podcast, are you going to lewd us?

  • DoutorSocial

    -Favorite VN artists?
    -Hopes for the future of hentai market outside Japan?

  • tsunderehater

    Opinion on futa?

  • Licareo

    Opinion on Rance?

  • Anon

    Why do you continue to fear monger and push an anti loli agenda here?

    • Noodle

      Anti-Loli agenda? They’ve said multiple times that lolis are perfectly fine.

      • Anon

        All the while saying your a criminal for looking at them.

  • Ajaner

    Do you think LG is helping the adult gaming market become accepted?
    And when can we expect to see some real quality xxx games (AAA quality)?

  • DynastyStar

    What range of boobs do you like? whats the smallest size of boobs you prefer, and then whats the biggest size before you think its gross?

    • DynastyStar

      Is there any fanart of LewdGamer that you like(if there even is any)?