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Mdqp released a new build, Caliross 0.35, featuring reworked combat mechanics, a new spell, and new artwork to enhance the mind control adventure.

As those who read this site’s preview of Caliross may know, the game is mdqp’s eccentric transformation and mind control RPG Maker game featuring the corruption of precocious historian who is new to the big city. Said city is filled with an average of at least four different people or things trying to brainwash her into a fuckpet or a human cow behind every street corner. Players can also engage in a variety of faction-based plotlines and puzzles related to spell casting.

In the time since we previewed the game back around build 0.2 a number of features have been added to the game. Build 0.25 introduced working in the Brothel, more scenes for the vampire plotline, and more levels for the temple. Build 0.3 focused on the casino subplot, adding more hypnosis scenes with the casino madam, hypnosis variants, and the introduction of a system of traits that your character can get such as “titty lover.”

The big ticket introduction is a great deal of new art pieces which have been added to the game, including a new character portrait for the main heroine and a main image to be used during the cowgirl scenes.

Here is the changelog for Caliross 0.35:

-  – New temple is done

-  – The new TF spell is done (it was mostly done a while ago, wrapped it up)

-  – I reworked the mouse TF and the new TF to use a slightly different method

-  – New combat mechanics

-  – I have added a new NPC, which took the place of the mermaid in the first temple

Caliross 0.35 can be found on the Patreon  page for for the game. For those interested in the game’s development, you can check out mdqp’s development blog here.

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