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Adult gaming platform Nutaku is currently holding an Easter sale, aptly titled “Easter Bunny Love”.

In honor of the Easter holiday, Nutaku has discounted a vast array of their downloadable games and visual novels on their platform up to 75%. While the sale also includes many discounted gacha rolls in some of their F2P titles, for the purposes of this article we will be focusing on their downloadable game sales. The sale includes a variety of titles, ranging from romance, nukige, yuri, and yaoi.

The sale includes both pure visual novels, and titles that feature gameplay to varying degrees. Some titles included in the sale are the recently released ChronoClock, Koihime Musou, Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning, Princess Evangile, and KaraKara.  If you’re feeling a little lost and unsure of what to buy, we’ve compiled an extensive list,  we’ve put together an extensive list of all of the titles we’ve reviewed that are included in the sale to help you find the perfect title to put in your Easter basket. You can check out the reviews below:

Blitz Angel Spica– 3/5

Boob Wars : Big Breasts VS Flat Chests – 2.5/5

Critical Hit – 2/5

Deardrops– 4/5

Demon Master Chris – 2.5/5

Divine Slice of Life– 2/5

Ghost Town Gun Sweeper – 3/5

Highschool Romance – 3/5

Ne No Kami– 2/5

Quest Failed – 2.5/5

Sacrament of the Zodiac– 2/5

Summer Fling– 2/5

Sunrider Academy– 3/5

Vanguard Princess– 3/5

You can check out all of the titles on sale over at Nutaku here.

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