Fapping is more than just a game

Dystopian Project’s game Claire’s Quest is about an innocent girl on an adventure to save or lose her innocence amidst war, rape, slavery, and prostitution.

Dystopian Project is a very aptly named developer. In their games, players tend to be confronted with dark, horrifying sexual scenarios representing worlds gone bad. This is why it’s no surprise that in Claire’s Quest, their first game and standard bearing project, the game world is defined by exploitation and violence.

Claire’s Quest follows token innocent corruption bait, Claire, as she is chased out of her home by the ravages of war and into a refugee camp where survival can often depend on cup size. From there players are taken on a journey involving sex slavery and prostitution. Later segments of the game shift from a linear conga line of horrors into a multi-path set of storylines that depends on player choice.

The game is made in the RPG Maker MV system, however, it doesn’t contain the seemingly contract-standard mechanic of RPG Maker games — turn-based combat. Instead, players navigate through the game via a series of choices that can raise or lower one of Claire’s four main stats: defiance, depravity, seduction, and intrigue. Focusing on one of the four offers different opportunities and storylines. Less prominently, Claire’s Quest also features some puzzle-type gameplay.

Claire’s Quest contains a mix of sprite-filled RPG Maker maps with hand-drawn 2D CGs that are used for the sex scenes. In the initial refugee camp segments JiangShi did the art. Later artwork was done by Ganassa. It also features design and writing by Architect, programming by FnA, and sprites and animations by Perfectia Ars.

The latest version of Claire’s Quest is build 0.7.2. It, along with Dystopian Project’s other game, Sex Zombie, can be picked up at the team’s Patreon page.

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