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Brothel City by Darot Games is a combination as obvious as it is sensible — Sim City with a brothel simulator game.

When one hears of a game with a title like Brothel City, they may come in expecting the chance to grow and develop a city of their own, and the ability to collect a selection of whore to send out to fuck men far and wide. It is in the name, after all. It seems like the team over at Darot Games is aware of this, or perhaps just know an obvious title when they see one, because that’s exactly what they promise with their game.

In Brothel City, players begin with just a small flophouse. From that point onward, players must recruit whores to work at the brothel, accumulate money and other resources, and develop the area by raising buildings such as trading tents. The user interface displays the town, with some of your girls walking about, as well as some of the johns coming through your nascent city to make use of its services. Eventually, through this process the game promises the ability to build up to the sort of city that’s worthy of the game’s title.

Much of the game play involves managing the girls who you hire to work at the brothel and who all have unique personalities, many of which are based on specific tropes. Included among the various options are dancers, angels, mermaids, aristocrats, cowgirls, maids, nuns, Valkyries, acrobats, and many more. In the current version there are dozens of girls to choose from, all of whom have hentai CGs that players can collect over the course of the game.

Players interested in trying the latest version of Brothel City, which was released on April 14th, can pick up the public and patron-only versions of the game, which can be found over at the team’s Patreon.

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