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Demo Now Available for Lawina's Dark Fantasy RPG Game of Boners

Lawina, the developer of Supercreep, is currently working on a new title. This new “dark and gritty” adult RPG is Game of Boners.

Game of Boners is a RPG about a poor young man in a medieval world who has aspirations to become a ruler of the kingdoms. With his sister by his side, he sets off to make his dreams a reality, for better or for worse. Being the offspring of a thief and a whore, the two siblings have quite a task before them. Aside from the title, Game of Boners isn’t meant to be a simple parody of Game of Thrones. It has an original story and it’s planned to be packed with adult content. A list of current and planned features is as follows:

- Animated 3D sex scenes AND the option to show a scene from a different angle!

- High(er) resolution (1296×768 and ability to increase window size, thanks to RPG Maker MV)!

- Choices that affects the morality for the brother, and corruption for the sister, which affects the overall story.

- Build your own sex slave empire (buy/sell/train sex slaves).

- Active Time Battle combat.

- Build and track your relationships with other characters.

- Mining/Fishing/Gathering/Crafting (& more) gameplay elements

- Questing with NPC indicators (and skippable side quests)

- Voice acting (only vocal effects for now)

- Day and night cycle

- Sexual themes you would expect in a medieval game; (Aka incest, S&M, rape etc.)

- Build your own castle (hire guards, add rooms, wage wars(!) etc.).

- Fast-travel (similar to the Witcher 3).

- Full mouse controls

Currently, the alpha version 0.02 for Game of Boners contains about one to two hours of gameplay. It’s available as a free download for Windows from the Patreon page. More on this title and other can be found on the Boner Gamer website.

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