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Visual novel developer Silver Cow Studio has released their newest title, Battleship Bishojo, on Steam.

Silver Cow Studio, the studio behind the Time Tenshi series, has released their newest visual novel Battleship Bishojo. As is staple for Super Cow titles, the game features tons of massively large-chested women and plenty of ecchi for you to enjoy.

For your reading pleasure, below you will find a trailer, synopsis, and sample images from the game:

Set sail for choice-driven adventure with the girls…

… in pursuit of legendary beasts who dwell beyond the waves…

… in Battleship Bishojo!

Captain Katsu leads the crew of the battleship Bishojo, a bounty-hunting ship in search of mythical creatures who inhabit the world’s seas. Guided by a mysterious compass artifact known as the Mahoko, Katsu aims to turn a profit by capturing these legendary animals and selling them on for a staggering sum!

But when the Bishojo rescues your character – Daiki, a sailor in the US Navy – the crew’s fates begin to change…

You’ll join Katsu and her crew on a grand adventure over the seas, as the Bishojo steams towards legendary bounties who seem to take the form of beautiful girls! Along the way, you’ll make plenty of choices both major and minor, leading to unlockable scenes, romance routes and even new locations to discover!

But it won’t all be plain sailing – the pirate captain Zoe and her bumbling first mate have caught wind of the prizes that await, and those mythical beast-girls won’t come quietly either!

Does the battleship Bishojo really exist in our world?

Can Daiki make it back home safely?

And what dangers, prizes and surprises will you discover over the ocean?

You can grab Battleship Bishojo on Steam here for $12.99. The title is compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux systems.

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