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Ecchi Visual Novel Getaway Island Has Been Released on Steam

Schoolfield Games‘ ecchi visual novel, Getaway Island, is now available on Steam.

Just the other day, a new ecchi visual novel hit Steam. This title, which advertises multiple endings and choices with real impact, is none other than Getaway Island. Players take the role of a man who isn’t sure about the future of his relationship, so he decides to think it over on a tropical island with three half-naked girls.

What if the person you are with wants more than you? Would you feel pressured to comply? Maybe winding up stranded on an island is just what you need to figure things out. But what if that island was filled with three other beautiful women? Love isn’t always easy. Would you stay loyal to the one you loved back home or would you forge a new relationship? On Getaway Island, time is your ally, so relax and enjoy your stay. The decision is up to you!


- A complete story with two unique endings

- Three beautiful women to meet and romance

- A tailored date for each woman

- Multiple choices peppered throughout the game

- 15 unique CG scenes to unlock

- 3 Hidden bonus CG scenes to uncover

- Steam Trading Card support

- Steam Cloud support

As of this article’s writing, this title seems to focus on ecchi content and nothing overly adult. Getaway Island is $9.99 on Steam for Windows, but you can it on sale for $8.99 through April 16th. You can check out more from Schoolfield Games on their official website and Twitter account.

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