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Renryuu: Ascension has received some updates and even a Linux build with the 07.04.17 build.

Naughty Netherpunch has released a new build for their adult RPG, Renryuu: Ascension. This latest update contains some additional CGs, as well as some more help for the Magic Test in the walkthrough. In addition to the new content, Naughty Netherpunch has also released a build for Linux; however, since the developers are not working on Linux platforms themselves, they don’t guarantee smooth performance, or that it will even run at all. Further details can be found in the release notes.

The new version is up and contains:

– New CG scene with Aleah. This scene will be different, depending on whether you freed her or put her into your dungeon.

– New event with two different CGs for Grey, if your previous choices with him included keeping him in your castle.

– The solutions for the Magic Test during the events with Chiyo have been added to the walkthrough.

– The RPG Maker MV now has the option to export games for Linux. I’ve uploaded the newest version, but expect it to be buggy or not to work for certain Linux versions. As I don’t have a Linux system myself, I won’t be able to provide tech support for this version.

You can grab the latest build of Renryuu: Ascension fromMediafire and MEGA. If you’d like to follow Renryuu: Ascension’s development, you can head over to Naughty Netherpunch’s developer blog or Patreon page.

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