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HDoomguy, known for his erotic modding work on the hentai Doom parody HDoom, has released a demo for a new project called Monster Girl Quest! 3D.

Doom modder and amateur game dev HDoomguy has just released the first demo of his first-person perspective parody of Monster Girl Quest! using the Doom engine.

Similar to the original Monster Girl Quest! in MGQ!3D you take on the role of Luka, a young hero wielding the monster-sealing sword Angel Halo, tasked by the goddess Ilias to defeat evil monsters roaming the lands. The player controls Luka in first person view trying his best to fight his way through hoards of monster girls that would like nothing better than to relieve him of his built up sperm.

In the first version of the game, Luka has access to his trusty Angel Halo sword and can only use a few abilities unlocked with SP collected by sealing five different types monster girls. The v.01 demo currently contains one trial map along with a couple of maps for display feature testing. Of course, MGQ!3D would not be a proper parody of Monmusu Quest! without game over rape scenes in the form of short pixel animations once the player’s HP reaches zero.

Be sure to take a look at a few sample screenshots from the game before deciding to try out the demo for yourselves.

Despite using the Doom engine, Monster Girl Quest! 3D is, luckily, a standalone game, so you will not need to fiddle around with multiple Doom versions to get it to work. You can now download it here.

The creator has mentioned the current demo is still a very early version of the game and everything is subject to change as production goes on.

For further updates on Monster Girl Quest! 3DHDoom and other of HDoomguy works, be sure to follow his Twitter and Tumblr accounts. If you like his work and would like to support his modding, pixel art animation and other ventures, you can now donate to him directly on Patreon.

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