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Happy Campers Has Been Released on Steam With a Free Adult Patch

Razzart Visual’s comedy visual novel, Happy Campers, has just been released on Steam. To make things a bit lewder an uncensored patch has also been made available.

There’s nothing better than sharing some peaceful moments deep within the wilderness alongside a few cute girls — as long as Jason Voorhees hasn’t decided to tag along, anyway. That’s exactly what Happy Campers is all about. Well, sort of. Since your instructor has gotten you lost and failed to bring any provisions along, things might get a bit rocky.

In Happy Campers, you take the role of either a male or female protagonist who, along with a couple of cuties, tries to survive a week in the wild. Tense situations lead to sexual ones, and that’s what most came here for anyway.

Speaking of sexual content, Razzart Visual has also released a free uncensored patch. Below are the links and instructions for patch installation. If you need more help, you can visit Razzart Visual’s website for more support.

This is where you can download the free patch to add uncensored content to Happy Campers. By downloading you certify that you are at least 18 years of age and wish to see such content.

- Steam store

Patch links:

HC patch

Gdrive mirror

To install:

1. Download ‘004f.rpa’ above

2. Open your game folder directly. On Steam, this should be located at “steamapps/common/Happy Campers/game/”.

3. Paste ‘004f.rpa’ into “Happy Campers/game/” folder (make sure it’s in ‘game’ and not the main folder)

4. If it asks if you want to override/replace 004f.rpa, click yes

5. The hentai has landed!

To know if the h-scenes are in the game, if you don’t see a message to download them anywhere on the title screen, you’re golden!

Happy Campers is $9.99 on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. During its launch week, you can snag it at $8.49 with the 15% launch discount.

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