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JAST USA has officially announced that pre-orders for 0verflow’s Shiny Days are now available.

The fully animated sequel to School Days HQ and remake of Summer Days is finally available for pre-order purchase via JAST USA and J-LIST. The official synopsis on J-LIST’s shop page reveals the game’s premise, story and characters as well as all the additional content you will receive if you pre-order the game’s physical limited edition copy.

“The long-awaited sequel to School Days, this is a wonderful continuation of the classic story of love in high school, which includes all your favorite characters from School Days, along with plenty of new faces. A fun game that offers a lighter story and high number of new characters to romance, along with full animation and great uncensored “H” scenes, this is a game that fans will love.

Shiny Days is the “HQ” remake of Summer Days, a spin-off sequel to the original game told from the viewpoint of Setsuna. When Sekai gets sick and asks Setsuna to take over for her at her part-time job, it’s the start of something important for Setsuna and Makoto, and for all the School Days characters. It will be a summer no one will forget.

Shiny Days is a massive game with 40+ game endings all brought to you with full motion animation and mosaic-free erotic scenes. In addition to stories with the main game heroines all School Days fans are familiar with, there are many other characters, including minor and side characters from the original game who have well-developed routes now, plus the mothers of several characters and more, all of whom are romanceable characters.

This Limited Edition of Shiny Days include:

The full game on two dual-layer DVDs (18 GB total install).

A download edition key sent by email, so you can start playing on the release date.

An original mousepad with new art by Junji Goto. A gorgeous 48 page artbook with glossy art from the Days series games.

A gorgeous 48 page artbook with glossy art from the Days series games.Illustration card and manual.

Illustration card and manual.

A large Japan-style game box.

A collectible download card w/code (for users who don’t have optical drives attached to their computers).”

Shiny Days is also going to be available as a digital download from JAST USA’s official site. You can find some raunchy screenshots from the Japanese version of the game below.

Since the original Japanese game contained sexual scenes involving minors, Peter Payne of J-LIST has made the following statement regarding the censorship of those in-game events on JAST USA’s forum page.

As expected, some content will not be included with our shipping version, principally a few specific scenes with Kokoro and her classmate are being omitted. All other game content is included, and all visuals are 100% uncensored and mosaic free. We hope fans will be understanding of the need to not have these scenes in the shipping version, which we have to do both to avoid problems for ourselves and our customers as well as visual novels as a wider genre, which are really beginning to take off in popularity.

While there will not be any kind of official patch to fix these scenes by us, we’re confident the Internet will make such a patch for fans who want this content back in the game.

At the end of his statement, he also added that the game is nearly finished and that it should arrive in June or July this year.

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