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Princess Evangile Set To Head For Steam

This spring, Steam will become the new home of Princess Evangile, the 2011 visual novel from Moonstone, the makers Angel Ring and Magical Marriage Lunatics.

Set in a private girl’s school, Princess Evangile follows the adventure of our male protagonist, as he’s enrolled as an “integration” test subject following a chance encounter with “Rise,” the chairwoman’s granddaughter. After a night of wandering the city, our hero saves Rise from attackers and in turn is given admission into Vincennes Private Girls’ Academy, much to the chagrin of the student body and many on the school’s board.  The only boy in this all girls academy, our hero is forced to vie for the acceptance and affection of his new fellow classmates.

Will his charm work to win their approval? Will he be able to convince them that allowing boys into their institution is something worth supporting? Will the player be able to avoid fapping long enough for any of this to matter?

Though the Steam version will be “all ages,” the full adult of the version will remain available through Mangagamer , who will be offering a free steam key with any purchase. With art by Yamakaze Ran  & Saeki Nao,Princess Evangile has evoked comparisons by some to the Imopara franchise, in respect to style and appearance.

Earning an average user rank of 7.66 out of ten on VNDB , early complaints regarding the limited storyline options and translation have since been remediated with the release of a fandisc and then later, the translation and English language release by Mangagamer.

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