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Moero Crystal - Monster-Girl-Loving Update

In the aftermath of E3, more information has been revealed on Moero Crystal, Compile Heart’s dungeon RPG follow-up to Moero Chronicle.

This update involves a change in the player’s interaction with the sexy monster girls, as covered in our previous article.

In earlier games in the series, many players found the touchpad massaging sequences to be poorly implemented, as players encountered some difficulties in their interaction with monster girls. Sexuality and progression are closely connected, as rubbing on the girls with your fingers is necessary to advance through the game.

Moero Crystal’s recently released gameplay video exhibited a new feature that will be implemented, making it easier for players to fondle the monstrous cuties. The difficulty of the touchscreen feature has been reduced and optimized, and the option to “massage” two girls at once has been added, all in the interest of making the experience more enjoyable.

Additionally, pre-orders for the game will include a product code, which allows players to download nude flash underwear for eight of monster girls in the game. If players buy the limited edition for 9504円 JPY (roughly $77 USD), the developer will include some exclusive content for the player: a special box decorated with an illustration by Katsuyuki Hirano, an artbook, and a special CD featuring the voices of all 80 of the game’s monster girls.

Moero Crystal will be released for the PlayStation Vita in Japan on September 25. Unfortunately, a release date for Western audiences has yet to be announced.

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