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Review: Legend of Queen Opala 2

Improving Over Its Predecessor

Legend Of Queen Opala 2 is the promising sequel to the well-received game Queen Of Opala that left many fans in awe with a well-developed title, that we covered in our review.

Few could imagine how they would be able to improve on the sequel, as it still utilizes the same program named RPG Maker to develop the majority of the game. Unlike others, this RPG fails to disappoint those looking for a familiar experience combined with a new perspective. The different endings possible In the previous entry means the developer had to make a choice, regarding lore and canon. They went with the predictable good-natured ending, knowing it would give the story in this game more flexibility and depth— it seems they were correct in this assumption.

One has to appreciate sister loving! Most endearing loving there is.

We start this story in a world called Namaria, playing as a nameable protagonist. The game’s overall wide array of depth and attention to detail is apparent even from the beginning—having the option to change the main characters appearance from four different sprites. This hero lives in a troubled land, torn up by humanity’s war with the Nevara tribe, a vast and powerful tribe containing many secrets in magic and power. Humanity eventually won this conflict and took some secrets of magic for their own. The end of this war didn’t mean the end of all conflict, as corruption runs rampant throughout the kingdom. Our protagonist quickly becomes familiar with this, fending off “tax” collectors assigned to “Lord Kross” from the neighboring city. This situation is the first example that shows the dialog options that the player has at their disposal.

Choosing whether to refuse or pay the taxes has some consequences in terms of story progression, although these options don’t impact the overall premise in a meaningful way. Nonetheless, they add a certain flavor to the dialog. The protagonist’s plight is forever changed when a visit to the local healer is interrupted by an earthquake originating from the old ruins that once overlooked the home of the Nevarus Tribe. Their once proud lands were engulfed by the earth, as the old ruins remain the only remnant of their past glory.

An investigation of these ruins causes a meeting with the famous Queen Opala—a former queen that fled her land for unknown reasons. This plot point starts the main storyline quest, which will make the player familiar with different lands and cities. Different lands are spread apart by either mountains or seas, but a handy, fast travel system along with the ability to traverse the world directly is a vast improvement. This traveling is accompanied by satisfactory audio, when walking through the cities or world. Certain soundtracks will be familiar to some fans, but some new tracks have been implemented as well. Specific tracks, when fighting bosses took inspiration from major retro titles and plays on this nostalgia successfully, potentially bringing a smile on the player’s face.

The nostalgia doesn’t stop at this point, as some side quests might seem familiar to players who played the previous title. These quests have been either refined or have increased in content, but there still exists a good portion of new quests. Luckily, the addition of a quest log makes questing a lot easier in comparison and quest givers are still spotted by the clear indication above their head. This questing involves a lot of fights, as some new enemies make an appearance alongside recurring monsters that have undergone a name change. Fights are well balanced and challenging, but the real challenge comes with fighting the legendary monsters that roam the world and offer the best rewards when defeated. Your party members are dearly needed in those particular struggles, along with the challenges that await when traversing the world.

Your party members have been overhauled greatly in comparison to the first game. Emotions and personality are key changes the developer implemented, portraying their emotions to the protagonist and by extension the player. This adds another dimension to the game, letting the views of the party influence future-making decisions. The idea of giving each character a decent back-story is a smart move, although it focuses more on certain party members, diverting attention from the rest.. Primarily, the focus lays on the widespread quality art that is available to the player. This art is either provided by story centered CG scenes that provide the highest quality art. Other forms of visual art are acquired by either finding them in the world or obtaining them by completing quest offers. The amount of visual art has increased to a staggering amount as well, even going beyond some titles with higher production value.

Employing various freelance artists gave them the opportunity to let the player familiarize with different styles, as even the option exists to pick Western or Eastern art from the beginning. All of this combined, provides the player with a flood of erotic material, as even more bonus material is unlocked over time.

Grab a ticket! Everybody gets a turn.

It is hard to find any substantial criticism in the overall game, although the most prevalent issue I experienced was a small lack of clarification. This is a problem similar titles are faced with, as getting lost in the game is a recurring issue. The added quest log helps in this regard, but more clarification would have been a welcome addition. Fortunately, this is the only notable criticism I encountered, and it is only a small frustration in an overall outstanding game.

Legend of Queen Opala 2 is a must play, although I would recommend giving the first game a try before moving on. The game is a treasure to anyone who likes great RPG’s tied with an interesting premise, great characters, rewarding play and a ton of erotic art of the highest quality.


  • Humongous amount of high-quality art
  • In-depth story
  • Endearing soundtrack
  • Well developed lore and locations


  • Questing lacks clarity
  • Backstory limited to certain characters
  • Gameplay
  • Story
  • Writing
  • Sound
  • Replay Value


Legend of Queen Opala 2 covers similar fetishes, like its predecessor. Almost all fetishes are portrayed in the game, but the general undertone remains on hardcore sex, either non-consensual or consensual.

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