Going in dry

In honor of Caturday, we have unearthed a delicious looking, newly released RPG featuring cat-girls for your playing, and fapping, pleasure. Kemomimi Slave, released by Souzai-Soft, is an old school RPG where you take on the role of a cat-girl named Luna. Our heroine is captured in battle and sent off to be sold into slavery for the rest of her life. Fearing the worst, Luna is purchased by a mysterious woman named Veltierd and given the opportunity to win her freedom back by fighting, and winning, in an arena tournament. Determined to win the tournament and walk away free at any cost, she creates a potion to boost her strength and capabilities. However, this drug has a powerful side effect. This potion is an aphrodisiac, and every time Luna uses it she becomes hornier and hornier! Will Luna manage to overcome this and win the tournament, or will she damn herself into a world of slavery and debauchery?

Having given the trial a go, the game seems fairly promising. Kemomimi Slave features a plethora of different weapons, armor, accessories, items, and abilities to customize your characters as you see fit. Battles come in the form of dungeon crawling and fighting in the arena, as well as the occasional side job, such as rat extermination, from your master Veltierd. In dungeons monsters are seen on the map as opposed to random encounters, giving you an option to just avoid battles and treasure hunt. You can make money to buy equipment, items, ingredients, and dungeon passes by performing part-time jobs at places such as the bar or brothel (featuring h-scenes of you doing scandalous things with your clients). You can also make various items and equipment, as well as your stat boosting potions, via alchemy creation inside your house. While your “special” potion boosts your stats fairly high, it is a double-edged sword, as it causes Luna’s debauchery and horny levels to rise with each use. If you use it too much you may end up finding yourself sexually assaulted by your opponents! H-scenes seem to be fairly varied and feature different vanilla sex and fetishes, as well as some monster sex from what I encountered. Losing to a slime boss in the dungeon netted me a rather nice slimy h-scene, and my first time selecting the brothel job gave me an h-scene where Luna’s first client got down and dirty inside her ear.

One thing to note is that the game is in Japanese. However, the menus and battle system are fairly intuitive and easy to pick up with minor playing around even if you have no knowledge of the language. If you’re looking for some fun time with beautiful cat-girls and an interesting rpg system, go give this title a try.

Become stronger and have sexier sex! Drugs fuel your power up to H-ness!

* Features Achievements Difficulty settings No-save mode Multiple bonus dungeons G-rated mode (skips all H scenes) Quick-read event summaries Message skipping CG/revisit mode Message history Hide message window Toggle voice ON/OFF

Source: http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE151226.html

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