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Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 Errors Fixed

In a previous article we reported on the technical issues with the steam release of Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1. Some of the bugs reported include DLC not working/not being recognized as purchased, crashing on startup, and the background going black. The developers have been working to fix these issues putting out several patches to attempt correct these flaws with their first steam release. The problems, while somewhat game breaking, were addressed swiftly by the developers on the steam forums. Idea Factory International took responsibility for the problems with the game and assured their customers that these would be resolved in short order.

According to reports we have received here at Lewd Gamer, these issues seem to have been successfully fixed.The YouTuber Bear, who previously posted videos on his Youtube channel detailing the errors, has posted a video going through the various bugs demonstrating that they are no longer occurring. The gameplay now appears quite stable, exhibiting none of the previous crash errors and the DLC is now being recognized and functioning properly. The resolution even seems to be up to the promised 1080p.

The developer’s post on the Steam forums has been update to reflect the successful repairs of several issues, though it appears that there are still some issues with the background blacking out occasionally. The diligence the developers have shown in fixing these issues with their first Steam release is encouraging. Some developers blatantly release broken games, and drag their heels for months instead of attempting to fix them as soon as possible.

Source: Steam forums Source: Bear’s Youtube channel

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