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Review: Eroge! H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai

Few visual novels get an adaption in the anime scene, but Eroge! Sex and games makes Sexy games—a game that we covered previously in our review, joins this crowd in a brief manner.

It takes the majority of the utilized content that appeared in the visual novel and tries to put its content into five episodes of decent length—making the duration of the anime relatively short. These two hours make this entry a rather short experience that doesn’t impress in the slightest.

The story of Eroge! Sex and games remains true to the premise portrayed in the visual novel. It has been largely scaled back in favor of putting in as many H-scenes as possible. This shows that the anime lacks even more depth in its characters or scenes. The dialog that leads up to these scenes is poorly executed as well and gives the viewer little insight into the characters motivations, aside from the obvious fan service. Such fan service shouldn’t come as a surprise since this is the description I would give this anime. There is a way of doing fan service properly. The anime lacks subtlety in this regard as it doesn’t follow a clear direction in its execution. Some, if not most of the scenes don’t do the characters from the visual novels justice. Sadly some are reserved to strict cameos or are blatantly forgotten. The visual novel wasn’t perfect either. It had a lot of problems in terms of story progression, but at least it had a story that viewers could feel invested in. This adaptation does not.

I will proclaim that seeing the characters move and talk offers a more appealing visual experience. The inspiration takes from the visual novel’s art pretty accurately. All the bodies of the beautiful female staff remain a sight to behold, and the clear focus on the H-scenes does yield some fruit. The different erotic poses and facial expressions help to enhance the experience from the visual novel, although It doesn’t contain as much variety in the scenes, mostly contributing to its short length. This variety was the visual novel’s greatest strength and a more lengthy series might have been able to pull this off more successfully. Nonetheless, the quality of the art remains right on the money, though I have a personal preference for the art in the visual novel. Call it a guilty pleasure, but I felt the art was more refined and detailed in its presentation, and it did more effort to tease you in.

Eroge! Sex and games does do its job decently on the auditory aspect, staying true to the overall soundtrack that the visual novel used. It gave a sense of familiarity that felt comfortable. The sounds of the characters and the H-scenes also weren’t enticing enough to excite me to some extent.

This anime shows that attempting to do better than your predecessor is not an easy feat. It adds nothing new to the formula and even intentionally cuts down on certain aspects that were crucial to the success of the visual novel, removing almost all positive aspects that made the visual novel great. Fan service is what Eroge! Sex and games is about, and the quality H-scenes are among the only interesting part players will notice.

This ends our first Hentai anime critic article. Let us know in the comments or shout at us in Twitter, if you want to see more of such content.

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