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Epic Works Closes Their Kickstarter and Takes Episicava Back to Patreon

Epic Works was forced to cancel another crowdfunding attempt for their visual novel Episicava. All hope is not lost, but there will be some changes made to the project and funding plans.

It’s unfortunate to see it happen, but anyone who follows the indie gaming scene knows all too well, some game projects just don’t make it. That’s the story with Epic Works’ visual novel Episicava. After receiving $3,246 pledged of the $5,500 goal from 106 backers, Epic Works ran into some internal problems which forced them to cancel the Kickstarter campaign. After a previous bust with a Kimochi campaign, Episicava’s development has certainly been rocky.

It’s not all bad news. Epic Works still plans to bring Episicava to completion. Instead of making one massive game, they will be bringing it out in three volumes. Epic Works certainly deserves some credit, as there are many developers who would have quietly continued their Kickstarter campaign and dropped the harsh news after the fact. Rather than attempting another massive crowdfund, Epic Works has settled on the indie funding staple, Patreon. They made this post on April 5th, on their Kickstarter update page.

Hello Everyone,

We are terribly sorry to bring you this bad news, but unfortunately we’ll have to shut down Episicava’s campaign due to internal issues with our art team that we feel would prevent us from completing the game by our original planned deadline. We feel that delivering to our backers is our most important obligation, and as to not end up with a disappointing release, we feel this is for the best. Nevertheless, we refuse to give up on the project and have decided we will continue to work on a release, but instead as a trilogy, which will allow us to better balance out our timeline for development and budget. Each volume will be 1/3rd of the full game and will be sold on the same planned outlets.

We are very sorry for causing this inconvenience, especially to those who backed at the higher tiers. If you still want to support us for the game, you can opt to support us through our Patreon:

Feel free to ask us any questions you might have either through direct message or on our Twitter, Facebook and discord channels;




Thank you for supporting us, we hope you will continue to do so in the future.

Hopefully, things will get better for them at this point. If you’d still like to check their progress, you can head over to their social media accounts or Patreon page. I have also corrected the links which were included in their post, as some of the original ones sent people to 404 error pages.

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