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Eden, Plus Mosiac Now Available on Steam

The end of the world has come to Steam

In “Eden, Plus Mosiac” planet Earth has nearly met is about to meet it’s end. In this uncensored and adult rated update of the 2009 visual novel “Eden,” the tale of Ryo, our story’s protagonist and Sion, a lovely, genetically engineered girl living at the end of the world, finds its way into the realm of the lewd, with the types of blood, sex and nude Manga artwork that fans so very often enjoy. Now available through Steam, “Eden, Plus Mosiac” is the latest VN made available by the service to be brought to us by Mangagamer.

Met with a catastrophic fate due to a massive energy surge appearing near Mars, dubbed “The Planet of Destruction,” Earth descends into chaos. As the new global government seeks to maintain order and work towards saving the human species from certain destruction, scientists develop a new breed of human being, known as the Felix. Possessed of immortality and a superior intellect, the story follows Sion, a Felix, who after helping to save humanity, opts to remain on the dying planet Earth. Met then by Ryo, an orphan turned soldier, who becomes Sion’s watcher and bodyguard, the two develop a strange relationship as Sion struggles just to embrace the beauty of the world outside her door.

“Eden” and “Eden, Plus Mosiac” are the products of Minori, creators of Angel Type and Haru no Ashioto. With an average user rating of 8.10 on VNDB ,(<< ) “Eden” appears to have been well received by many a visual novel enthusiast and is now available for download from Steam in both it’s censored and adult versions.

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