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LewdLook: Introducing Datanony's Arena of Audacia (AoA)

The world of erotic video games is a vast one. Even though most of it is centered in the Land of the Rising Sun, western developers are doing their best to catch up to the ever evolving and demanding market.

Such a developer is Datanony, who is currently working on the tentatively named Arena of Audacia—a pixel graphic based arena fighter with RPG elements. In the title, you will be playing a lone heroine warrior battling scores of raging and horny combatants.

The combat takes place in rounds, and every new enemy becomes more numerous and harder to handle. You got your shield and sword-wielding peons coupled with archers and knights. As the game is currently still in rather early alpha, you won’t be able to see the game’s bosses just yet. The RPGheroine has a whole arsenal of active and passive skills to unlock to help dispatch fools that just can’t keep it in their pants. Spending experience points acquired from fallen foes allows you to strike with the force of a whirlwind. Often you’ll be charging into groups of bad guys while breaking their formations, or throwing a shield to ricochet off their heads. However, if you can’t keep up with the incoming enemies, expect yourself to risk getting fucked—literally.

While a lot of these ideas sound enjoyable, a lot of the games internal mechanics are still in production and most of the content is just not there yet. Despite this, the concept is interesting, and I’m eager to see what Datanony comes up with next as the development cycle continues.

You can download the latest alpha version of Arena of Audacia from the developers blog:

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