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The public version of Fenoxo’s erotic sci-fi text adventure game, Trials in Tainted Space, has received a new public update, bringing the game to version 0.7.34.

Trials in Tainted Space, Fenoxo’s browser-based, erotic sci-fi adventure, is back with another update. The newest public version, labeled as 0.7.34, once again adds new scenes, items and several fixes to the kinky text-based space RPG adventure.

The full changelog, as posted on Fenoxo’s official blog, can be read below:

0.7.34 Changelog:

- New Busts: Goo Knight win variants

- New Item: Pickmentation (allows selecting skin color). It’s quite expensive, as one would expect.

- “Vava Groom” (new encounter on Uveto) implementation.

- New shower option.

- More Foxfire colors.

- Some tweaks for the “exhibition gains/losses over time” subsystem.

- Adjustments to level up notices.

- “More Vending Machines.”

New Since Last Public Release:

- New Quest: Plantation Quest on Mhen’ga. (Be relatively high level, do all the talk topics, then wait a day or two for an email.) Includes something like 5 new fights, two new items, and a potential pile of money.

- New Busts: Kane, Quinn, Mabbs, Estraffe, Sylvie, Nessa, Dr. Lessau, Carver, Psychic Egg, Kat, Kaede, and Pippa.

- New Items: Laquine Ears, Sweat Treat, Muffstick, FizzyFix, Strawberry Shortcake, Holstaria, Lupinoland, and Lemon Loftcake

- New character on Canadia Station: Mabbs. She’s a drug-dealing rodenian. She’s also immune to Cap’n Steele’s wiles.

- Rodenian Codex entry added.

- New Beth’s expansion for working there.

- Two new NPCs on Uveto.

- Bubble Buddy Bubbles can now be drank for certain PCs.

- Various fixes and tweaks.

- Jacques00 did most of the work to be honest…

The latest version of Trials in Tainted Space is available here. If you’re on a mobile device, you can access the Android or iOS versions of the game at this link. 

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