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Sexy Strategy RPG Tactics Elemental Has Been Released on Nutaku

Tactics Elemental has been released on Nutaku, offering strategy RPG enthusiasts a sexy new game to look forward to.

Online comic publisher Fred GD Art has jumped into the adult gaming world with the release of Tactics Elemental. Some may think that a creator of comics would make the obvious jump to simply producing a visual novel, since it would be quite similar. However, Fred GD Art’s creation isn’t that at all. Instead, he created a tactical RPG in the same vein of Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre and Fire Emblem.

Tactics Elemental puts players in the role of Sage of Arach Niac. She and her companions embark on an erotic adventure within the fantasy realm of “Nowhere.” They must battle their way to victory, with the occasional sexy side quest, in an effort to save the world from extinction. There more than 20 NPCs to join you in battle or to pair off into lovers.

About Tactics Elemental

An erotic, rollicking Tactical RPG within the fantasy realm of “Nowhere”! A world threatened with existential consumption by a race of enter-planar nightmares!

There is but one hope for the Sage of Arach Niac and her company of heroes… The Eternial: A home-made, unbelievably sexy avatar of divine power! That and the world’s bond enchantment, which grants pairs of sex-soaked lovers fantastic battle-field powers!

Key Game Features

- Tactical Battle System with 90+ Battle Stages(Story and Sidequest)

- 9 Man character NPCs and 20 additional NPCs to take into battle and pair into lovers

- 220+ Uncensored Interludes (composed of over 500 scenes)

- Bond-Enchantment system: (Pairs gain power as they grow closer and have more sex!)

- Visual Novel Style Interactions (As romantic prospects fight together they gain affinity and

grow their bond. 56+ pair bond combinations! )

- No DRM

- Day 1 launch edition includes the first DLC bundle absolutely free!

• More DLC Campaigns planned for the future!

You can pick up Tactics Elemental on Windows at Nutaku for $25. All day one purchases receive the first DLC pack for free.

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