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Switch, developer of Venture Seas, has released a new build of the sexy, sea-faring adventure game.

As Switch comes closer and closer to the completion of a stable demo build, the updates to her pornographic pirate game continue. The other day, Switch released yet another build for Venture Seas — version 5.6.0. There is nothing ground-breaking to announce this time, as this build’s changes involve improvements to the code and visual design. Also, for supporters of the Venture Seas Patreon and those who are a part of the player community, there were some changes made there as well.

Speaking of stable builds, Switch also mentioned that when the demo builds of Venture Seas become available, they will be only made available to Patreon supporters with a lifetime pledge of $20 or more. Anyone whose donations amount to this total will also get a copy of the final product for no additional cost.

As always, you can support Switch in the development of Venture Seas by visiting her Patreon . More info can be found in our past articles  or the Virtuous Development blog and Twitter account. You can download the latest build (5.6.0) of Venture Seas for PC from this link.

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