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Editor's Note - About Our Stances on Lolicon and Shotacon

It's 2017.


Even though it’s clearly fucking obvious what our stance is in regards to this kind of “material,” we understand that a lot of newer fans (or people who never visited the website until now purely because “lol drama”) who haven’t been to our streams or haven’t seen our older articles might be confused about our stances.

To make it easy for some, I have made a short video for the people who hate reading.

It’s 2017, people. You know, the current fucking year? Lolicon is totally out of style.





We all know shotaconis where it’s at.

How the fuck can you even compare this:

To fuckingthis, in the year 2017?

On a serious note, I had some previous rules established in order to protect the site due to what state I currently reside in. For those of you who don’t live in the US, certain states have certain rules that require me to “tread with caution” on how I tell my writers to address content.

For example, I believe adult games in general, loli or no, are completely banned in New Jersey. If you live in New Jersey, you might be seriously out of luck.


We’ll be looking into the New Jersey issue further as my team have talked on making an article about it. Just need to get some details clarified.

To be brutally honest, you would have to be an absolute idiot or be extremely new to think that LewdGamer is an anti-loli site; however, there was a previous article that was done by one of our writers where there was a miscommunication on this rule, and the article has been updated to reflect that.

Shit happens. Get over it.

As for lolicon in general, I really don’t have a problem with it at all. Long-time LG fans and people who know me personally already know this, but I just wanted to put this up just in case, since people obviously don’t like reading. (And even then, there are people that will take my shitposting seriously because people are actually that retarded these days)

Additionally, this “issue” will be further solved as soon as I move to Seattle, WA in the very near future. The obscenity law there is much less of a problem. In the meantime, I have adjusted the core rules after reflecting upon it and receiving some legal advice. In the future, you can expect more delicious (like we don’t do this already) flat-chested girl coverage.

With all the bullshit that has been going on in the MSM, I’d think that people would know better than to go from 0 to 60 when hearing new information. For those who think they understand obscenity law and what “freedom of the press” is in the states: unless you have a lawyer or study law, I highly recommend you don’t spit generalizations in public unless you enjoy looking stupid among your peers.

But you know, that’s just my advice.

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