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Developed by Balta Studios, Pixelbator is a game about avoiding getting caught while masturbating. The title is now undergoing the voting process on Steam Greenlight.

Set in the year 2005, Pixelbator is a game about a young person in an all-too-familiar predicament. The polygonal protagonist only wants to finish masturbating without interruptions and getting caught by all-too-nosy family members. As bad luck would have it, our hero’s annoying family is not the only thing that will get in the way of release. You can read more about the features of the game below.

About You have to finish your job without getting caught. Our hero is a sneaky guy having difficulties with his situation. Your family is definitely not the most understanding family at all. The year is 2005 and the things weren’t that easy in those times.

Gameplay While you try to finish your job, you shouldn’t get caught. They will be harassing you through various ways. But these people are not the only thing you should be worrying. You will encounter with lots of popups, ads and other annoying internet stuff. Choosing which video to watch is important, because every single one of them affects differently.


- 5 family members, 2 daily acquaintances and a dog.

- Over 30 actors and actresses

- Thousands of different videos

- There is actually a scenario

- Messenger for keeping up with your friends

- Browser for wandering on the many websites and watching videos

- Popups

- Ads

- Spams

- Low speed internet

- And various other internet scum

A few sample screenshots and a humorous trailer of the game are available below for your viewing pleasure.

When the game releases, it will be available on the PC, Max and Linux and extra VR support for immersion. You can now vote for Pixelbator by following this link to its Steam Greenlight page.

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