Putting the D in the double D.

The first alpha version of Projekt Wolfenstahl’s Deathblight RPG – Operation Thunderfang has been released publicly.

Created in RPG Maker VX Ace, Deathblight RPG – Operation Thunderfang follows the exploits of Ferania and Minori, animal girl demon huntresses originating from an online webcomic under the same name. At its most basic, Deathblight RPG is a turn-based RPG based around punishment mechanics resulting in revealing more sexual content the more the player gets into peril during combat and other scripted events.

The first release of Deathblight RPG is light on content containing only the first half of the game’s first level, basics of the combat system, a clothing destruction feature upon taking certain degrees damage and a capture mechanic once the two girls’ resistance gauge has been depleted. One game over sex scene event can also be triggered by having your fighting party wiped out by a horny group of demons.

Be sure to take a look at a few sample screenshots from the first alpha just below this paragraph.

The first alpha PC version of Deathblight RPG – Operation Thunderfang can be downloaded by following this link to Projekt Wolfenstahl’s development blog. The developers plan to release subsequent version releases along with Patreon-only versions in the near future. The game is also going to be completely free-to-play upon the final release.

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