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Kitsune Trash Is a Game All About Hating Kitsune Girls

Developer AnimeBigot is developing a kitsune hate simulator titled Kitsune Trash. If you have anything against anime girls with fox tails and ears, this may be the game for you.

There are a wide variety of animal-eared anime girls out there. While cat girls seem to reign supreme among the otaku fandom, other animal girls are just as cute. Right? Well, one developer seems to disagree. Their oddly specific hate of women sporting fox ears has led to the creation of Kitsune Trash.

In Kitsune Trash, players can choose from a variety of game modes which are all focused around bashing kitsune girls. The developers proclaim that you can, can over forty different fox-eared females in these varying modes.

About:What’s the worst type of anime girl?

Yep! It’s that god awful KISTUNE TRASH!!!

In Kitsune Trash, you get to seek vengeance against those horrible half breeds.

Find those fox tailed furry wannabes, and put them in their place.

Choose your can. Clean up the trash.

Help us rid the world of the worst kind of furry filth!



- Gallery Mode

- Time Attack

- Story Mode

- Trash Day

- Over 40 Kitsunes to can!!!

This game is for PC only because the developers apparently hate Mac and Linux users as much as they hate kitsune. As of this moment, the developer has not provided a price nor proof of the game’s actual existence. If you want to find out more details about the game, or actually get a copy, feel free to harass the lead developer on his Twitter account. You can also check out their blog for no further information.

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