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Cuddle Pit is Creating Con-Quest! Poké-con

Cuddle Pit is working on Con-Quest! Poké-con, a game where you go to a Pokémon convention and have to strip girls of their cursed costumes.

The idea of turning Pokémon into a hentai game is not a new one in H-game circles. And it isn’t hard to see why. Besides the fact that the Pokémon franchise is immensely popular, it also has an obvious way of being retrofitted as an erotic game. You captured a Pokémon? Now, fuck it.

Well, that overall structure seems to have motivated the folks over at Cuddle Pit, because for some time now they’ve been chugging away at a game titled Con-Quest! Poké-con, where you get to battle and fuck sexy girls in Pokémon costumes. The premise is simple. A witch went to a Pokémon convention and cursed all the cosplay outfits. Now a team of battle mages called “The Arcane Pals” must go to the con, stop the witch, and free the sexy girls from their Pokémon costumes.

It’s a neat premise, and one that allows for much of the mechanical structure of the original Pokémon games. Players go into the tall grass and encounter some of the many Poké-women that game has to offer. Players get to fight the likes of Cubone, Pikachu, and more. As you fight the girls, piece by piece their costumes get destroyed, freeing them from the evil witch’s curse.

One of the more charming elements of Con-Quest is that is also ports over elements of Pokémon’s gameplay experience, such as parts of the original Pokémon soundtrack, and much of the battle UI. However, the overworld map for the game is point and click, as opposed to the more familiar moving your icon around a screen style of RPGs like Pokémon.

Currently, the game is on Version 0.05, but the creators have been sticking to a relatively consistent release schedule and on their Patreon page make the rather ambitious claim that the game’s creative process is “collaborative effort between the developers and its fans.” However, the marketing of the game is notable, for it’s re-use of the classic “Whose that Pokémon?” sequences from the original Pokémon anime. Only, you know, now with sexy girls.

Players can their hands on the cute cosplay girls of Con-Quest by checking it out over at Newgrounds. If you want to support Con-Quest, and perhaps get early access to latest builds of the game, feel free to support to the devs on Patreon.

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