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Etral Games has created a boys love adventure story, A Hand in the Darkness. You can check out the demo and full game, available now on itch.io.

A developer by the name of Etral Games has been working on a boys love visual novel called A Hand in the Darkness. While this title features suggestive CGs rather than hardcore ones, the lewdness comes through via the very graphic story. Fans of this genre will have handjobs, blowjobs and so much more to look forward to, as they read this fifteen hour tale about adventures in an all-male boarding school.

The story follows Alex White, the youngest member of a large family and hence always rather overprotected, into his new stage in life moving to an exclusive boarding school, St. Michaels, during the Edwardian era.

There he will meet some friends: the always cheerful and helpful Monty, the shy and clever Rick, the snob and troublemaker Damian. But he will also face an unexpected danger.

And perhaps, who knows? He will even find true love. It’s up to you to decide if Alex will reach a happy ending or will leave St.Michaels with a broken heart… or maybe even worse.

During the successful Kickstarter campaign, Etral Games went ahead and created a Steam Greenlight page for the game. A Hand in the Darkness has already been successfully greenlit, and is planned for a future release in English and Spanish.

If you’d like to grab this right now, A Hand in the Darkness is available in English on itch.io for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Currently, the itch.io version features a complete story, but there will be a future patch to spice it up with additional CGs. Those who are on the fence can also grab the demo there, which lets you play the first hour. If you’d like to know more about Etral Games and the title’s ongoing development, you can visit them on Tumblr and Facebook.

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