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Flaming Firefly has relocated their crowdfunding campaign for Forest Fortress from Kimochi to the more well-known platform, Kickstarter. So far, the new location seems to be serving them well.

Last month, we reported on a Kimochi campaign for an upcoming visual novel, Forest Fortress. Flaming Firefly boasted about the game’s non-linear story, multiple endings, and the use of Live 2D animated avatars. Unfortunately, being a new and lesser known crowdfunding platform, the Kimochi petered out, raising less than $400. While the campaign is still technically live, the page reeks of abandonment.

Flaming Firefly didn’t give up. They pooled their efforts to create an even more robust campaign and launched it on Kickstarter. The new Forest Fortress campaign maintains similar reward tiers, but has better-defined stretch goals and even a demo. Additionally, they have gone ahead and created a Steam Greenlight page for their projected October 2017 release.

The new campaign has already blown the previous one out of the water in the few days it has been live. Currently, the campaign is sitting at $1,687 of the $5,378 funding goal, with 25 days left to go. If you recall from our previous coverage, Forest Fortress is a story about a man who wanders in the forest seeking information about a disease that affected a neighbor village. He ends up getting stuck there at night and comes to discover the dark secrets that the forest holds.



Lily is a friend of Rika. She is on the board of the council of elders of the Great Tree.  She feels sensitive about her large ears. She is in secret negotiations with Dark Dryad.

Dark Dryad

She is a mysterious lady of the Forest.

She formed the alliance with mystical powers. The power over the forest was not too enough for her that’s why she has been extending her influence on human’s villages. It’s still unknown whether she controls the new powers or the powers and wish to rule engulfed her personality.

If the Forest Fortress KickStarter campaign surpasses its initial funding goal, there will be additional elements added to the game. Depending on how much extra is raised, there will be animated adult scenes, extended scenes, or even true dating sim elements.

Stretch Goals

€5,000  – Game Expanded with a 4th Character. – Ensures a steam release in October 2017.

€6,000  – Steam Trading Cards.

€7,000 – Additional animated emotion + Dakimakuras for all four main characters

€9,000 – Extended Romance CG Scenes

€12,000 – Animated CG art

€15,000 – Will add Animated adult scenes to the game(erotic in steam)

€17,500 – Additional ero CG – 4 animated hentai scenes for each girl

€25,000 – dating sim elements in the game


Just like in the first funding attempt, backers of this project can look forward to copies of the game, name in the credits, digital dakimakuras, wallpapers, a custom hentai animation, or the ability to design their own monster girl.

As mentioned previously, Forest Fortress has a demo available for Windows and Apple platforms. The Kickstarter page mentions that the final game will be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can also visit the Steam Greenlight page if you’d like to cast a vote. The campaign will run until April 15th, so they have plenty of time to meet the funding goal.

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