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Developer Frostworks has officially announced the production of Quest Failed: Chapter Two.

Frostworks, the developer behind Quest Failed, has officially announced a sequel to its “woman rapes man” eroge. The sequel, which is appropriately titled Quest Failed: Chapter 2, is going to pick up right where the first one left off. It will feature over fifteen new characters, as well as some returning from the original title.

Thesecondchapterpicksuprightwherethepreviouschapterleftoff,withMatthavingsuccessfullyrepelledanundeadassault againstthecapitalcityofRhan,andbeinggrantedanaudiencewiththequeenwhoseemstopossesssomekindofinterestinhim uponhearingofhisexploits.Thecapitalcityisabigplace,withmanycuriousindividualslurkingbehinditswalls–somefriendly,some…well…notsofriendly.Andwiththeplayerbeinggivenmorefreedomthaneverbeforetoexplorethisnewcity,who can say what kind of trouble young Matt might find himself in now?

Quest Failed: Chapter Two will feature:

-15+ new characters to interact with, along with the return of the original cast

-A wealth of new h-scenes for every character, both old and new

-A sprawling city to explore, filled with optional events to discover

-More freedom with choices, which matter more than ever before!

-Side quests which can taken in any order, or ignored in favour of advancing the main story  

Frostworks reports that Quest Failed: Chapter Two will have a more serious tone than the first. In doing so, the developer hopes to create a more compelling story which focuses on fleshing out the game’s world and history. Fans of the first title shouldn’t worry though, Quest Failed: Chapter Two will retain the humor and comedic approach of the first game.

As of now, there is no projected release date; however, Frostworks plans to put together a demo or teaser build. For those who want to know more, check out Frostworks’ Patreon . If you’d like to see our thoughts on the first title, you can read our review.

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