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Denpasoft Has Some Lewd AOD Announcements

Denpasoft and Sekai Project have some new titles coming our way as announced at a recent convention. The AOD announcements include KaraKara 2 and Neko-nin exHeart, both slated to be released in 2017.

This past weekend, the AOD convention was held in Santa Clara, CA. Sekai Project and Denpasoft held a panel where they made various announcements. For us, the most notable AOD announcements were some upcoming titles of the lewder kind.

The first announcement was for calme’s KaraKara 2. This will be a direct sequel to its post-apocalyptic, slice-of-life predecessor. There will be characters returning from the first game, as well as some brand new heroines. Unfortunately, no mentions of censorship were made regarding this title. KaraKara 2 will release on Steam and Denpasoft late 2017.

AOD Announcements - Karakara 2

The second title announced was Neko-nin exHeart. In this title, two demi-humans called Ajin, come to serve an unwilling protagonist. His new servants are hellbent on loyalty and refuse to leave his side. These “Ajin” are what most people would refer to as “cat girl ninja.” Now it makes more sense.  

AOD Announcements - nekonin

The art in Neko-nin exHeart comes from Takano Yuki, who has worked on the Da Capo series, and the scenario was created by Oumiya Yuu, who worked on the Primal x Hearts titles.  Neko-Nin Ex Heart will be released on Steam, Denpasoft, and Nutaku this April. Denpasoft also confirmed that the Denpasoft and Nutaku versions would be released without mosaic censoring.

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  • DrunkMonkGar

    Uncensored catgirl cuddling, joy! <3

  • Guest

    A shame that Sekai is releasing it instead of Mangagamer or Jast. On top of that nutaku is a cancer to the VN industry with all their censorship.

  • Dave6487

    “Denpasoft also confirmed that the Denpasoft and Nutaku versions would be released without mosaic censoring.”

    OMG, could it be that Denpa/Sekai could actually be listening to their customers 0_0 ?!

  • spambox

    So steam will have mosaic ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)?

  • strikezero01 .

    since when the Steam became “an Ocean park Filled with Cows”?

  • Rizo

    Will be interesting to see how censored it is on release.

  • mew

    Who gives a shit about these kusoge. Where’s Maitetsu uncensored?