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Kickstarter Funded for Boy’s Love Title Full Service

Visual novel developer Herculion has launched, and successfully funded, a Kickstarter campaign for their boy’s love title Full Service.

Last year, yaoi visual novel developer Blackmonkey Pro  disbanded due to several of the group’s members going in their own, separate directions, leaving the future of their unfinished projects unknown. Thankfully, many of their members — including BMP’s leader and main artist Mazjojo — decided to rejoin forces under a new developer name Herculion to continue work on their title Full Service. The campaign for the visual novel and dating sim game was initially looking for funding of $20,000 for the title. As of writing this article, the campaign has successfully been funded, and is currently sitting at $33, 553 in pledges.

Since the project has reached its initial goal, the campaign will be looking to fund several stretch goals, some of which have already been reached. The successfully funded stretch goals include two secret character routes, two extra date events, and animated sex scenes for the main cast. Stretch goals that are yet to be achieved include Hisami’s route, after-ending stories, threesome scenarios and ending, extended voice acting, and animated sex scenes for the unlocked secret characters. Full Service will feature CGs and artwork by the well-known artist Mazjojo, partial voice acting, multiple languages, and an original soundtrack.

We reached out to Herculion with some questions in order to find out some more information on the game and sexual content.

LewdGamer: How will you be releasing your game? Will you have both an adult and all-ages version, or 18+ only? How will you be distributing it?

Herculion: Full Service is a very special project to us because we’re trying formats that we have never used before on our previous works. Usually we’d only release the NSFW version of a product but this time we’re considering the release of a SFW version — and even for free — if the community achieves the the social media goals campaign. The game’s distribution will be made through Full Service website at first. We have plans for Steam and Google Play Store in the future.

LewdGamer: Will your 18+ scenes contain mosaic censorship, or will it be uncensored? If you will have two different versions (censored and uncensored), which version is it that Kickstarter backers will be receiving? 

Herculion: Both censored and uncensored versions will be available, each with it’s own price. The Kickstarter backers will receive the uncensored version. The censored version is mostly for places that don’t allow uncensored content.

LewdGamer: How will adult content be handled? Will it be romantic, eventually turn romantic, or just be within the context of your masseur giving you the “full treatment” with no romantic strings attached? 

Herculion: We have a variety of characters and each one of them will be handled differently. Plus, this is a game with many routes and choices so it’s up to the player too. In the end, you can expect all the options you mentioned!

LewdGamer: What different kinds of sexual content will your game present? Will the scenes be “vanilla” only, or will you have kinkier scenes featuring different kinds of fetishes? 

Herculion: Fetishes are a very personal thing, so sometimes it’s hard to define them. Even if we had a list, we’re sure some people would find an unlisted one like “purple hair” haha. Our goal was to add variety inspired on the massage theme, but nothing too hardcore. We wanted to try new formats so for example, unlike our previous works, Tomoki is a versatile main character going both top and bottom. We got a lot of requests for that so don’t be afraid to give us feedback, we love to receive it!

LewdGamer: Is there any additional information you’d like to let people know?

Herculion: This is a different experience from previous works as BMP. We are focusing on a storyline this time, so expect at least some intrigue or mystery this time around! Players will be able to explore the story and get to know more about the characters and their relationships!

For your reading pleasure, below you will find character bios, synopsis, and sample images from the game:



Welcome to Full Service! You play as Tomoki Nakamoto, a workaholic young adult who works at Schwarz Bank. Average in every way and bordering on anti-social, Tomoki isn’t that great with people… However, after a chance encounter and getting a bonus at work he finds himself entangled in the lives of those at Full Service Spa! What exciting things will Tomoki experience this time?

Sample Images

You can check out the Kickstarter campaign for Full Servicehere . You can also download and try out a demo of the game for both PC and Android here  on the game’s homepage. Herculion is also running a social media campaign to unlock special artwork for the male cast, as well as a free “lite,” all-ages version of the game. You can follow the game on Twitter and find out more information about the campaign on Facebook.

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