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Soul Saber 2 is Now Available on Steam

Henteko Doujin has just released their ecchi team arena battler, Soul Saber 2 onto Steam.

With everyone was busy raving about Breath of the Wild and Nier Automata, while simultaneously slagging off Mass Effect: Andromeda, a much lesser known indie title has crept onto Steam. This new title which boasts about its “high speed (rip off) teamwork action” is none other than Soul Saber 2.

soul saber 2 - title

Soul Saber 2 is an arena fighting game which sports 6-on-6 online and offline team battles. Players can choose from 19 playable characters to go head to head with both shooting and up close, melee combat. One of the game’s selling points is that the characters have each been modeled individually by figure sculptor Yamadaya. Here is a full list of the game’s features:


  • High speed, high response 6 on 6 online/offline battle.
  • 19 attractive battle droids. All of them were modeled by Yamadaya, who is also known as a professional figure sculptor.
  • Costume Break enables you to rip the cloth off of your enemy, with clothing-affected battle damage!
  • In spite of the catchy outlook, the gameplay is firm enough to satisfy hardcore gamers.
  • All droids and weaponry have individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • High tactical sense and judgement in milli second are required, even novice player can defeat veterans if they make mistake.
  • 2 fully customizable sets of Control (Novice and Expert) supported.

Soul Saber 2 is normally $9.99 on Steam, but it’s discounted to $8.99 until March 22. You can find this PC exclusive game at this link. You can also follow developer Henteko Doujin on Twitter for more info on their games.

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  • Will Sith

    That doesn’t look fun at all.

    • David

      It has mixed steam review leaning toward positive

    • Seis

      There’s a demo on the Steam store page that this article failed to mention.

  • strikezero01 .
  • XPDump

    Wait, is there actually casual nudity in this game, or is it some sort of mod? Steam has gotten less strict about this sort of thing but usually when they can show it’s a very tiny part of a larger game, like The Witcher titles, and possibly some of the longer VNs that I can’t think of right now. Knocking clothes off enemies seems more like Battle Raper or something.