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Marvelous Entertainment has announced some additional DLC for Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash, as well as details about some downloadable content that was previously announced.

[UPDATE 3/16/2017] In a five hour live stream, Marvelous revealed yet another new character, Super Sonico. No release date has been announced.[/UPDATE]

With the release of Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash, the next logical step is to release information about one thing — DLC. With this update, Marvelous revealed some launch day DLC, another batch of DLC for later this month and even some details on the recently revealed Dead or Alive DLC pack. They provided a trailer showcasing the additional characters and weapons.

The following is a breakdown of all newly announced DLC, with all translations provided by Gematsu.

March 16

- Awakened Character Set (1,800 yen normally, 1,600 yen until April 3)- Playable Character: Ice King Yumi (500 yen separately)

- Playable Character: Deep Shadow Asuka (500 yen separately)

- Playable Character: Crimson Lotus Homura (500 yen separately)

- Playable Character: Abyss Miyabi (500 yen separately)

- Japanese Meal Weapon Set (1,200 yen)- Additional Weapon: Chikuwa Rocket

- Additional Weapon: Takoyaki Grenade

- Additional Weapon: Three-Color Dumplings Assault

- Additional Weapon: Conveyor Belt Sushi Spray

- Additional Weapon: Renge Shower

- Additional Weapon: Shaved Ice Gatling

- Additional Weapon: Twin Ebi Tempura

- Additional Weapon: Single Apple Candy

- Additional Weapon: Matsutake Shot

- Additional Weapon: Nagashi Somen Sniper

- Additional Appeal Motion Set #1 (300 yen)

March 23

- Additional “Peep” for Kunekune Finish: “Golden Peep” (500 yen)

- Additional “Peep” for Kunekune Finish: “White Peep” (500 yen)

Awakened Character Set:

Ice King Yumi (voiced by Yumi Hara)

- Birthday: December 31

- Age: 18

- Blood Type: A

- Height: 167cm

- Three-Sizes: B92-W56-H84

- Hobby: Calligraphy

- Favorite Food: Shaved ice (adzuki)

Yumi with her hidden powers awakened. She throws away her daring cuteness to take on the image of a beautiful adult woman. Will she be a lovely bride or a wife that’s cold to the touch?

Deep Shadow Asuka (voiced by Hitomi Harada)

- Birthday: September 8

- Age: 17

- Blood Type: A

- Height: 155cm

- Three-Sizes: B90-W57-H85

- Hobby: Training

- Favorite Food: Jicchan roll

Asuka with her hidden powers awakened. It’s a transformation exploding with a feeling of excitement, but that looks somewhat simple… Maybe she is still concealing some unknown power.

Abyss Miyabi (voiced by Hiromi Hirata)

- Birthday: August 15

- Age: 21

- Blood Type: B

- Height: 169cm

- Three-Sizes: B90-W56-H87

- Hobby: Bathing

- Favorite Food: Oyako donburi

Miyabi with her hidden powers awakened. Her feeling of handsomeness further increases and her resolution shows. Yes, this is Divine Judgment.

Crimson Lotus Homura (voiced by Eri Kitamura)

- Birthday: January 3

- Age: 17

- Blood Type: B

- Height: 163cm

- Three-Sizes: B87-W57-H85

- Hobby: Fighting

- Favorite Food: Japanese food and meat

Homura with her hidden powers awakened. She wears the spouting flames from her seventh sword, “Engetsuka.” Since she is actually burning, she is literally hot.

Additionally, Marvelous gave us some character breakdowns for Honoka, Marie Rose, and Ayane, who will be included in the Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 DLC.

Honoka (voiced by Ai Nonaka)

- Birthday: March 24

- Age: 18

- Blood Type: AB

- Height: 150cm

- Three-Sizes: B99-W58-H91

- Hobby: Bathing, watching pro wrestling, watching martial arts movies

- Favorite Food: Whipped chou a la creme

A gentle girl raised by her loving and kind grandmother.

However, she loves watching martial arts, and a mysterious power rises within her when she gets excited.

Her best skill is the ability to instantly learn the techniques she sees, but she continues to keep it a secret. “I want to try this power… in secret.”

Marie Rose (voiced by Mai Aizawa)

- Birthday: June 6

- Age: 18

- Blood Type: AB

- Height: 147cm

- Three-Sizes: B74-W56-H78

- Hobby: Sewing, watching horror movies

- Favorite Food: Princess bakelser

While she has the appearance of a servant, she is a girl whose background is shrouded in mystery.

Contrary to her short build and cute outfit, she is a master of the army combat technique “Systema.”

What is the truth hidden behind her devilish smile?

Ayane (voiced by Wakana Yamazaki)

- Birthday: August 5

- Age: 18

- Blood Type: AB

- Height: 157cm

- Three-Sizes: B93-W54-H84

- Hobby: Beauty salon

- Favorite Food: Marrons glaces

A naturally gifted kunoichi of the Mugen Tenshin (Hajinmon) style of ninjutsu.

She lives in the darkness due to her cursed birth and became a runaway ninja and an assassin chasing after her half-sister Kasumi.

[UPDATE 3/16/2017] In a five hour live stream, Marvelous revealed yet another new character, Super Sonico. No release date has been announced.


Lastly, for those of you with Japanese PlaystationPlus accounts, there was a free Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash theme made available for download. You can follow this link to access it. If you really like free goodies, you can check out the official website for free wallpapers and more.

Now that Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash has been officially launched in Japan for the PlayStation 4, hopefully we will soon hear more news about the planned Western and Asian releases. If there are any new developments on the matter, we will certainly be sure to update you with the news. Be sure to follow LewdGamer on our Twitter and Tumblr accounts so you don’t miss out.

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