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Games&Girls Now on Steam Greenlight

Independent developer Yume Creations has recently created a Steam Greenlight page for their newest episodic visual novel, Games&Girls.

Developer Yume Creations’ newest ecchi visual novel Games&Girls has arrived on Steam Greenlight. Games&Girls follows the story of a gamer and his chance encounter with a beautiful girl after buying a gaming console. The developer plans to release the game with high definition artwork in separate short episodes, promising that each one will be adding and focusing on a different heroine. Every new episode is planned to have two different endings with some free episodes added later on. Games&Girls is planned to have “adult content”, but Yume Creations did not disclose what form it will take. The only indication of raunchier material is shown in one of their latest tweets, highlighting sketch art of a sex scene for the first episode of the game.

Currently, there is no information available if the sexual content in Girls&Games will be available on Steam in an uncensored format or if the developer plans to create an adult patch for it later on.

You can take a quick look at the story synopsis, a short teaser trailer, and a few sample screenshots below.

Our protgonist is a Gamer who dropped out of college to have more time to play. He used all his savings to buy an exclusive gaming console, called Sirrah. He has alot fun with the console even with nothing else left. One day he wakes up and see a strange but cute girl in his room. What will happening with him?!

You can now vote for Games&Girls by following this link to its Steam Greenlight page.

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  • Frenden

    Purple Heart is that you

    • FALprofessional

      More like Purple Heart, Black Hair, Green Body Suit is that you? Gamer, Otaku waifu all the same. ?

  • Fenrir007

    This screams console-tans. Are these devs channers?

    • Cats736

      -tans are great.

  • FALprofessional

    I’m a simple man. I see girls (with body suits and a potentially witty, third-wall breaking personality) playing games, and I upvote.

  • Will Sith

    I really wonder “what will happening with him”!

    Sorry I love engrish.

  • Yaya

    wow this is preatty much my life… minus the pretty girl

  • strikezero01 .

    wow.. its like he fucked his own game console, X Box 1-chan