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Seeds of Chaos Version 0.2.10 Has Been Released

Developer Vénus Noire has released version 0.2.10 for their fantasy eroge, Seeds of Chaos. This build adds a new location, events, and of course, sex scenes.

Seeds of Chaos, the self proclaimed “dark fantasy eroge” has received another update. This new iteration receives various additions. Players can expect to see new events, sex scenes, new armor, new map locations, and much, much more. Vénus Noire also makes mention of some minor issues that remain in this build; however, they are nothing game-breaking. Read below for the full list:

Release Notes

– Week count upped to 18

– Over 20 new events

– 5 new sex scenes

– 3 new resource types

– Raeve Keep has been added to the map (east of portal), and conquering the keep by force has been added

– Introductory scene with Draith now triggers when building the Breeding Pits

– Castle room NPCs now greet the player and have talk functions

– CGs and variants added to the post goal #1 Rowan x Alexia scene, and this scene has been added to the replay gallery

– New armour has been added, and old armour has been rebalanced

– Squashed a bug relating to completing research which currently do not have completion reports

– 100% more yeti hunting

Known Issues

– Missing sprite for knight

– Yeah, I know Rowan’s skin tone is inconsistant, I’ll get momdadno to fix this at a later date, it is not a big issue

– I didn’t drink enough coffee this morning and labeled the version wrong, just ignore the number

You can grab Seeds of Chaos 0.2.10 from their website for PC, Mac, and Linux. You can also get more information on past updates there, which can also be found on their Patreon page.

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  • Ben (Broken)

    Lovin the art style!

  • Antonio

    I really like this game, I like the writing style, the fact your character does have a sprite and not that fucking pseudo first person view that every visual novel uses, I love how Alexia isn’t just a princess to be rescued and is fighting her own way to help Rowan, Anyway, I really like this game. But I will wait a few months before playing it again, there are still too many placeholders, and too few sex scene CGs. I believe that the artist is still making the core of the game (background, characters variants, etc…). But as I said, I really like this game until now (I just hope that the author doesn’t make us hate Rowan and Alexia, I have no problem in playing with the villain, but I do have a problem into playing with someone I hate) and I really hope that the author get all the funds he need to create a great experience.

    But if you never tried I really recomend you to play it. The game isn’t just a simple visual novel, it does have gameplay, it is just that most it isn’t implemented yet, but the current demo already shows enough of the potential of the game. So give it a try.

    • SOMEGUY7893 .

      Some of the random events seem to imply Rowan can have a morality. So presumably being a good person whenever you can would keep him as a good person being forced to do evil, but could also become an evil shit if you wanted him to.

      • Antonio

        That is a good solution. I hope they do that.

  • strikezero01 .

    now this game is one HELL of a Sex

  • Johnny Rotten

    Great work so far looking forward to more content.

  • LOOLL… They using my last name in their game as a location.. Yael’s fork, Rosaria <<<<< (yes that's my real last name)