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D3 Publisher has released a ton of new information about their upcoming boob-centric, fanservice dungeon crawler, Omega Labyrinth Z.

Omega Labyrinth Z returns with a lot of elements that made the first game an ecchi feast, such as chest growing gameplay, sexy traps putting the characters in very exposed poses and item identification using mammaries.

We have translated plenty of details about the sequel from Famitsu’s article. You can read all of it below.

D3 Publisher has released some information on their PS4/PS Vita game “Omega Labyrinth Z”, scheduled for release July 6th, 2017.

Flat, medium, and busty! The continuation to the roguelike RPG series that combines all these boob sizes together has arrived! This continuation of the “Omega Labyrinth” series will have new characters, new items, and various new features that players have requested. From the gameplay, to the chests of the girls, everything has been powered up! The Wonder (breast region) System that’s been introduced is a must-see! The game starts off a few months after the previous game ended, and begins a new chest-pounding adventure.


This is Anberyl Girls’ Academy. It’s an all-girls academy where young maidens are raised to have pure bodies and pure hearts; however, there is a strange rumor at this school.

They say that there is a magic item hidden somewhere in the school that will grant any wish, known as the “Grail of Beauty.”

Adding onto this there began a more detailed account among the more curious girls: this item was hidden somewhere deep within the old cave near the school… and that the usually sealed entrance would be opened for one day on the school’s anniversary.

Some girls from the school had found the grail, but due to various circumstances, it was destroyed.

Or at least, so it seemed…

A new adventure regarding these maidens and the grail begins…

She has small breasts now, but they’ll eventually become huge!

The game’s very positive heroine:

Akemiya Aina (CV: Yamazaki Haruka)

- Height: 162cm

- Three sizes: Bust 78 cm (B cup), Waist 57 cm, Hips 81 cm

- Birthday: June 27th

The main character, she has a complex about her small breasts. She can’t help but try to help people when they’re in trouble. She has a strong sense of responsibility and is quite cheerful, so she’s popular at school. She destroyed the grail of beauty in the previous game, so Rio sees her as an enemy. She’s great at sports, but terrible at studying. Her classmates call her “The Queen of Failing Grades.”

Her boobs and her attitude are both huge!

The problem child of Anberyl Girls’ Academy:

Akanegiki Rio (CV: Fukuhara Ayaka)

- Height: 164 cm

- Three sizes: Bust 98 cm (G cup), Wait 62 cm, Hips 88 cm

- Birthday: December 31st

The second main character in the previous game. Hates school rules and thinks of teachers as just annoyances, causing her to wear a blue uniform, rather than the red that everyone else wears. She has a complex about her excessively huge breasts, and sought to use the grail of beauty to make them smaller. Unfortunately, Aina destroyed it, making Rio view her as an enemy. She went back to the cavern alone, hoping to find a way to restore the grail.

Her boobs and tolerance are at a full 100 points!

A fluffy, sweet girl:

Mitou Nako (CV: Uchida Aya)

- Height 158 cm

- Three sizes: Bust 86 cm (D cup), Waist 58 cm, Hips 85 cm

- Birthday: July 23rd

Aina’s best friend, and the person that knows her best. She’s not very good at exercising, but she’s a pro when it comes to cooking. She’s been friends with Aina since elementary school, supporting her as best she can. She’s happy-go-lucky no matter what the situation is, thus becoming a mood maker that calms everyone in the party down.

Lifting her ban on her huge breasts!?

A junior that has everything under control, and admires Aina:

Souja Saeri (CV: M-A-O)

- Height: 154 cm

- Three Sizes: Bust 84 cm (D cup), Waist 58 cm, Hips 84 cm

- Birthday: February 1st

A junior that adores Aina. She has good instincts and is modest and methodical. She has the most common sense out of anyone in the party. She has huge boobs, but she wrapped them up in bandages to make them appear smaller in consideration of Aina’s boob angst. Everyone tells her that she needs to start wearing a bra before she damages her breasts.

A free-spirited fairy that loves boobs (support character):

Pai (CV: Uema Emi)

- Height: 13 cm

- Three Sizes: ???

- Birthday: ???

A fairy born from Omega Power. Loves girls and snuggling into the valley of their breasts. Because she’s so carefree, she tells Aina and the rest about the cave and grail to a certain degree. In the last game, she shared in the pain and pleasure of the adventure with Aina and the rest, considering them friends and plans on adventuring with them.

A lonely attention-seeker fairy (sub-character):

Chichi (CV: Ozawa Rena)

- Height: 13 cm

- Three Sizes: ???

- Birthday: ???

Another fairy that was born out of Omega Power. She’s lonely and wants to make friends, but because of her pride, she usually ends up taking an attitude that makes people angry. She was saved by Rio after getting lost in the dungeon and ended up accompanying her. Apparently, she knows a way to restore the grail, but…

A true Roguelike RPG that will keep you playing!

Just like last time, the dungeons are randomly generated, meaning you start at level 1 every time you leave and enter a dungeon, you lose all your items when you die, and there is a hunger system. This is an orthodox, true roguelike. Every time Aina and party go into the dungeon, the map, monsters, and items change. The monsters in the dungeon move every time Aida and company do, making it a turn-based roguelike. As you defeat monsters, you gain experience and level up, getting stronger, but every time you leave, your level resets to 1, your stamina becomes 0, and all the items you have are lost. You can take one follower in the dungeon as your partner to help you navigate. This person can naturally equip weapons and armor like you, and, under certain conditions, can be controlled in battle as well.

There’s an item common among other RPGs, too! This mystery item intended for those wanting an easier experience will be revealed at a later date!

Your level isn’t the only thing that increases; your boob size will too! The unknown Omega Power is here!

When you defeat monsters in the dungeon, you’ll gain another type of points in addition to your experience. These are your “Omega Power”, a physical manifestation of your girl’s power. Omega Power is stored in your boobs, and as it gets larger, so does your chest size. Even the flat Aina can become a big-breasted beauty if she stacks enough of this Omega Power! As your boobs get bigger, your cup size will go up. When you level up, your cup size will affect how your stats level, separate from what you gain when you level up your base level. As your boob size grows, you become able to use a special power that allows you to double your stats every certain number of turns! It’s called “Activated Chest Mode”! Unfortunately, when you leave the dungeon, your boobs will return to normal, but the Omega Power you save up can be used to appraise and purchase items. It makes your boobs bigger, your stats raise, and can even allow you to buy and appraise items! This is the might of Omega Power!!

^Here’s Aina enlarging her tiny breasts into jiggly giants!

Ultimate chest: Z Chest Mode!

In the previous game, the highest you could get your cup size to was “K cup;” however, in Omega Labyrinth Z, if you continue to store your Omega Power up even after reaching a K cup, you’ll be able to activate “Z Mode”, and jump straight to having a Z cup! Boasting a Z-cup boosts your stats immensely! Not only that, but when you activate it, it does massive damage to enemies in front of you in a 3 x 10 radius, destroys any traps in the radius, and allows you to use your super skill “Hyper Omega Cut!” Hyper Omega Cut is very powerful, but your boobs return to normal being used and all the items in the radius of the skill are destroyed. Be careful when you choose to use it! You must choose the right time to active such a powerful, boob-enhancing power.

Spurt the mystery right out of those unidentified items!

While exploring the dungeon, you’ll often run across unknown masses, which contain items that you don’t know the parameters or purpose of. The only way to identify these items is to appraise them with your Omega Power! The method is very simple: just sandwich the item in between your boobs and stimulate it. Sometimes you’ll have to do it hard, sometimes gently, but it must always be appraised with your Omega Power. The item will enlarge according to how much you stimulate it, and once it reaches its maximum size, the true item will be released from its mass and identified. Unfortunately, if you appraise an item outside the dungeon, it will be with your default size breasts, but inside the dungeon you can use the size you currently have after saving up Omega Power! The character or size of their breasts doesn’t matter, so feel free to use whichever boobs you prefer. It’s also possible to appraise many items at once, or to skip the process and just identify them instantly as well. If you find some unidentified masses, don’t hesitate to stick them in your character’s breasts!

Tease and play around during Fainting☆Awakening!

Fainting☆Awakening is back in this game, raising your stats and allowing you to learn skills, as usual! Fainting Incense that you acquire during the dungeon can be used to stimulate a girl once you return to the academy, making them imagine all kinds of naughty situations. All the situations are brand new in this game, so you’ll be able to see some sides of the girls you haven’t before! Touching the heart mark on the girls will cause them to absorb Omega Power and get more stimulated. The higher this value gets, the more your stats will increase or skills you can get experience for! After a certain degree of stimulation, the “Sensi☆tive☆Spot” will appear! If you avoid that spot and touch somewhere else, the girls will get even more stimulated. Just don’t tease them too much or they’ll get turned off! Once the girls are at their peak, they’ll go into “Embarrassment Break” mode and you must touch the same spot to trigger the girl’s “E Spot” to appear. If you touch that, the girls will get a huge stat boost! Every healthy male will definitely want to get those fainting incenses and try this out!

Tease and tease… play with girls that are at the limit of their endurance!

Fainting☆Awakening’s flow:

In this game, you can actually use multiple fainting incenses at once! If you use 10 at one time, you can do 10 times the awakening. Plus, if you can get several of one type together, such as purchasing them from the shop, you can enjoy whichever situation you please.

First Edition bonuses:

First edition buyers will get the “Kokeshi Lance” and the “Omega Shield”, which all healthy boys will love! If you equip both of these at once, any monster that hits you will actually give you Omega Power! Once you’ve downloaded these two items, even if you lose them in the dungeon, you can buy them again, so don’t worry! Act quick or you may miss out on this limited-time offer!

- * Included in first editions of both the normal and limited editions of the game

- * 1 download code will work for both the PS4 and PS Vita versions

- * You can buy the items in the store after downloading

- * There are plans to allow the same items in the first edition for the downloadable versions of the game as well

- * There are limited copies of the first editions available

- * Contents are subject to change

- * An Internet connection is required to download the items

Limited Edition Bonuses:


Special illustrated box. The illustration will be revealed at a later date and will be different than the PlayStation Vita limited edition.

Drama CD “Going mad!? Fainting★Hot Springs Trip!” The main cast will all be in this drama CD. What’s waiting for Aina and company at the hot springs? This CD will be different than the CD for the PS Vita version.

Setting Documents Collection. Gives information on characters, rough sketches, etc. This is the same as the ones included with the PS Vita version.

Product code for customizing the home menu. This will allow up to 5 different types of clothes for characters on the home menu to wear, from various popular D3P titles. This will be different than the PS Vita version.

PS Vita:

Special illustrated box. The illustration will be revealed at a later date and will be different than the PlayStation 4 limited edition.

Drama CD “Hard training!? Fierce☆Test Studying!” The main cast will all be in this drama CD. The winter tests are just around the corner, and if you fail you get forced into a winter studying lodge during break!? Will The Queen of Failing Grades be forced to attend!? This will be different than the PlayStation 4 version.

Setting Documents Collection. Gives information on characters, rough sketches, etc. This is the same as the ones included with the PlayStation 4 version.

Product code for customizing the home menu. This will allow up to 5 different types of clothes for characters on the home menu to wear, from various popular D3P titles. This will be different than the PlayStation 4 version.

Finally, the opening and ending songs for Omega Labyrinth Z! These songs are performed by DelightStyle. The OP is “So much OmeLab! (Ver. MAX OMEGA POWER)” and the ED is “NevSeg ~Never Say Good-Bye~.”

As was mentioned numerous times, Omega Labyrinth Z is scheduled to be released on July 6th in Japan for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. There is sadly no word of a Western release planned for the title.

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