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MangaGamer is holding another sale on various titles. This week, fans can save big during the MangaGamer White Day Sale.

To celebrate White Day, an innocuous holiday that is still probably offending somebody somewhere, MangaGamer is holding a sale for select visual novels. On this lesser-known Asian holiday, men return the favor of receiving Valentine’s Day chocolates by buying gifts of their own. MangaGamer is here to help you save money when buying for that perverted lover in your life. The MangaGamer White Day Sale will grant you discounts of up to 55% off some popular titles.


In a surprisingly generous move, the MangaGamer White Day Sale is extended to games on Steam as well. The titles on both platforms with sport the same nifty discount price, though you’ll be getting the all ages versions rather than the adult ones. Finally, for those who like to hold their hentai in their hands, MangaGamer’s sale covers some hardcopy editions as well. As always, you can check out the following to read the reviews we did on some of the games currently on sale.

NO, THANK YOU!!! – 3/5

Deardrops – 4/5

Eden* PLUS + MOSIAC – 4/5

Critical Hit – 2/5

Rance VI – 4.5/5

Rance 5D – 3.5/5

The MangaGamer White Day Sale runs from March 10th through March 17th, so you have a full week to check it out. Visit MangaGamer’s website to check out their full selection. If you want those Steam achievements more than the lewd stuff, check out there games on Steam.

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