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A column of horses pulls along a multi-cart train through the forests of the countryside. Among its diverse passengers are peasants, merchants, soldiers and seasoned adventurers as well as the sleeping figure of Nanako, on her way to new lands to strike out on her own. Will she strive to be a valiant hero, a beloved celebrity, a conquering ruler or just a doting wife? With her mind filled with ambitions and her heart yearning for adventure, Nanako has big plans for a brave new world, but unbeknownst to the budding young heroine, the world at large has its own devious plans for her.

Elsewhere, in the grand Capital City of the region, the second daughter of a regal house of nobles is livid upon discovering her family’s heirloom missing. Serena Grazia — by the honor of her royal name — resolves to retrieve the cherished treasure by her own two hands. Refined, dignified and chivalrous to a fault, Serena’s mature demeanor is well beyond her meager 11 years of life; however, her youth and sheltered upbringing has left her largely ignorant of the lecherous environment around her, and behind every corner lies the danger of a miscreant willing to break her in.

Whomever you choose to pilot through the rapacious odyssey of Violated Heroine, you will be set upon by a depraved land of sex-crazed monsters and predatory villains. Will you be able to protect your chastity and stay a step ahead of the horde, or will you lose yourself to the tide of temptation, relinquishing your mind in the pleasures as a decadent slut?

Perverts abound in the world of Violated Heroine. Watch that you don’t fall victim to some strange sex offender.

Created by a group of anonymous individuals, Violated Heroine is an unfinished RPG Maker title of enigmatic origins; for years, the project has drifted in development limbo on the chaotic seas of the internet. Time and time again, it would find itself in the hands of creative developers who would apply their own translations and additions to the base game, along with their own kinks. Over the course of five years, this process continued, with the base project slowly evolving into an amalgamation of many different fetishes and ideas. Among the contributors is hentai mangaka ShindoL, who added several prominent features to the game, including the pregnancy system, a few new quests, and new characters in the form of the one-armed warrior Erika and the futanari Rin.

In the world of Violated Heroine, monsters and man alike aren’t just after your life. Mistakes made out in the field or within the seedy towns put your vaginal, anal and oral virginity at risk. It’s definitely hard out there for a girl, especially when every other man in the world wants to have a go at every available orifice on your body. Making sure you don’t end up in dicey situations is the key to preserving your purity; even then, seemingly benign actions like enjoying a bit of sun in the park may take a sudden turn for the raunchy. Visits to the local sauna, pub, hotel and even guard post all bear the threat of wanton penetration, with lasting consequences.

Heading to the sauna during the all-male special may have been a bad idea; or the best, depending on your perspective.

The greatest challenge in the game is keeping Nanako’s and/or Serena’s hymen unscathed, but arguably, the most fun to be had in the game is just cutting loose and letting everyone and their dog fuck your shit up. Your character’s virginity may be taken by humans, slimes, goblins, orcs, cephalopods, pets, dragons and more, all willing to introduce the hapless heroine to some hot pixel-grinding action. Working behind the scenes is an invisible purity/dirty statistic that is modified by what the character experiences. The more dick she receives, the more depraved she becomes until encounters that were once painful and traumatic become pleasurable and enticing. Much of the sexual shenanigans take the form of tiny character sprites humping each other, with only a few special scenes offering enlarged character portraits detailing the action.

Beyond her mental state, your heroine’s body is also subject to some interesting post-coital side-effects. Getting filled one too many times may render your character pregnant with the offspring of her latest partner. While each day passes, your character begins to experience the signs of the gestating life within her, beginning with morning sickness and the spontaneous presence of “fat” around her middle. Eventually, the truth will dawn upon her, and depending on her mental state and experience with giving birth, she will react either with tearful dread or cheerful expectancy. Catering to the maiesiophiliacs, this system is a wet-dream come true. From conception to birth, the heroine’s stomach steadily engorges as time goes on; from a barely noticeable mound to a rounded belly that’s ready to pop. When the time comes, she will awaken with labor pains. You may choose to postpone the inevitable if you do not wish to procreate on your bed, but you may find yourself forced to deliver in the middle of a crowded street later in the day, but, unfortunately, NPCs do not react to such an event.

Violated Heroine plays out like an action rpg. In lieu of random turn-based battles, you will instead tangle with opponents in real-time grid-based battles. Enemies move one square at a time, and attack by walking into the square you are standing on. Every press of the Z key is an attack Beyond just striking to strike you down, enemies will also grab at your clothing. Being surrounded could leave you naked in a matter of seconds. Once nude, monsters may attempt to “mount” you, so to speak, and failing to break out of your enemy’s grasp will lead to the obvious result. Playing the game as a straight RPG; however, is possible.

Several of the myriad quests available to you can pan out in different ways. You may venture off to exterminate a group of goblins only to be captured and made into their broodmother. You might dance at the local tavern for a quick buck but get raped after hours in a drunken stupor. You can tutor a couple of kids during the day while their mother is away, and then teach them something a little more naughty at night. Mental state plays into each scenario in interesting ways, and seeing how your heroine will react differently to the same situations leaves the game open to experimentation; however, you may find your enjoyment of Violated Heroine cut short.

As stated earlier, the game is unfinished in more ways than one. Not everything is translated, and you will inevitably find yourself staring at indecipherable text as you progress through the game (unless you can read Japanese, of course.) Even with certain parts of the game untranslated, other aspects are left unfinished as dangling threads of a previous creator’s incomplete contribution to the game, to be forever unrealized. Currently, there is a separate version of the game being developed by a single person: the katteban version. Whittling away the dangling threads of the main version and tightening the screws on the features the developer chooses to keep in the game, the katteban version seeks to be the most complete, definitive version of the Violated Heroine. Unfortunately, compared to the main game, the katteban version is largely untranslated; many players will run into the language barrier much sooner than they would in the main game. To those who have run into a linguistic dead-end, there is a helpful wiki that can guide you through the most confusing parts.

You are for the next 30 minutes.

One day, over five years ago, Violated Heroine appeared on the hentai scene. History of its launch is undocumented, even as people continue to develop the project into their own respective visions. As a trendsetter for RPG Maker hentai games, Violated Heroine’s mysterious background seems all the more strange. Information relating to its initial development is quite scarce. ShindoL himself only chanced upon the game at random and never had any contact with the original creator. Perhaps the same could be said of the other contributors? As it stands today, Violated Heroine is an enigmatic artifact of a bygone time, the origins of which can only be speculated upon. If you’re interesting in exploring this melting pot of kinks and fetishes, follow this guide to get yourself started.

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