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Zuripai Games Gives Paizuri University Their Breast Shot

Zuripai Games is working on a comedic VN called Paizuri University where a photography student named Ben gets up in the tits of hot students and teachers.

Who doesn’t love a little bit of dick-on-tit action from time to time? Apparently, that is the sentiment of the creators of Zuripai Games, the creator of the free-to-play visual novel Paizuri University, which features a directionless young man who transfers to a university filled with sexy students, sexy teachers, and opportunities to play with said sexy teachers and students.

The Zuripai Games team consists of Zuripai Sama as director, writer, programmer, and graphics designer, and Bukacain as the lead artist. So far, the team has released one demo, which contains a short prologue story, that also includes a decent sized H-scene that takes place with a mysterious pink-haired girl who claims to be from your new school.

However, the team has shared plans for the first full chapter of the game, which they claim will contain a longer story, four new characters, three new sex scenes, five backgrounds, and three different endings. This chapter will also apparently contain a bonus character and a bonus sex scene for patrons who $3 and up. Excitingly, the team have also claimed that at least some of these scenes will be animated.

At this time, it is not clear how many chapters the Zuripai team plans to make the game, nor is it exactly clear how often they will be releasing chapters, however the team does have a progress bar up on their page that offers some indication of their progress. The game is being made in Unity, with Zuripai Sama claiming that they made “Zurizuri Engine, a VN engine in Unity” for the sake of the game.

Paizuri University can be played over at Itch.io , Newgrounds , or Game Jolt . If you want to support the developers, you can find their Patreon here.

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