Putting the D in the double D.

Tear off clothes, try out the modified grappling mode, or get better lewd shots with the enhanced camera controls in the latest build of Heroine Rumble.

Enlit3D, the developers behind Heroine Rumble, have been hard at work improving mechanics and adding features to their game. If you haven’t read some of our previous articles, this title is a girl-on-girl wrestling game. From humiliation to masturbation, Heroine Rumble appeals to more than just wrestling fetishists.

There have been several changes since the last time we covered Heroine Rumble. I can personally attest to the benefits of the improved camera controls. They aren’t there so much for playing the game, but rather to get better angles and perspectives of the onscreen action during sex. In addition to that, the current version (v0.22)  features the following improvements:


- Resisting a grab will push back the opponent instead of knocking them down.

- Using the grab attempt no longer requires two auto attacks previously. - There is a hidden meter that is depleted by strikes.

- You can reset the opponent’s escape progress in a hold by pressing the button. This requires a full blue meter.

- This meter is currently filled on delivering strike damage and taking submission damage and reduced when taking humiliation damage.

- The escape progress bar is no longer fully accurate. You may be missing out on up to 50% more damage if you release exactly before the bar looks to be filled. This change is to give a risk-reward balance for when to release the hold.

- When attempting to use H-moves on clothed opponents, a stripping animation will play instead. This stripping animation does some damage to the armor but more importantly will strip off the armor when the opponent’s is reduced below 0. Using H-moves on already naked opponents proceeds as usual.

- AI punishes the defeated opponent for a certain amount of time first before proceed to end the match.

- Horizontal panning of camera during a hold (in addition to vertical panning) is possible.

- Changed the reverse headscissor to be more headscissor. (non-futa Wolfie has the move)

Better camera, lewder screenshots

These updates are an improvement compared to version v0.211, and considering we haven’t written an update since v0.15, a lot has changed. It would take quite a while to list each build update individually, so here is a comprehensive list of the current features and planned additions:

Current features:

- Girl on girl AND futa on girl action (toggleable)

- 5 Unique heroines! (so far)

- 44 total animated holds (submissions, H-moves and throws) and many more to come

- Full 3D environment with camera freedom


- Armor/costume/outfit damage and destruction

- Different outfits per character

- Various AI difficulty level

- Boob physics!

- Watch and speculate match

- Randomly generated girls and endless modes

- Runs at 60 FPS with intuitive, smooth controls (requires discrete graphics card!)


- Yuri

- Futa

- Monster girls

- Humiliation

- Ryona

- Domination

- Over 20+ animated sex positions already and going up, including:- fingering

- pussy eating

- face sitting

- masturbation / mind control

- scissors

- groping

And many features to come, such as (not inclusive and not final):

- Futa (toggleable) (Implement in alpha v0.2 Dec 03 2016)

- Throws (Implemented in alpha v0.12 Oct 14 2016)

- A better counter/grapple system

- Environmental hazards

- Fap mode *ahem* I mean watch mode (Implemented in alpha v0.112 Oct 05 2016)

- Support for toasters+ and low end systems

- Modding support?

- More game play features and improvements!

- More girls!

- More moves!

- More outfits!

- More game modes!

- Better AI! (Done! Along with control and balance rework in v0.13 Oct 21 2016)

Enlit3D has been issuing a steady stream of updates and builds for Heroine Rumble. We can only hope they maintain this pace. If you’d like to keep up with Enlit3D and the development of Heroine Rumble, you can check out their blog or their Patreon . The latest build of the game can be found at this link.

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