Going in dry

Developer Enlit3D has added multiple new features in versions 0.3 and 0.309 of his ryona wrestling game, Heroine Rumble.

Enlit3D, the developer behind Heroine Rumble, has been hard at work improving mechanics and adding features to their game. If you haven’t read some of our previous articles, this title is a girl-on-girl wrestling game. From humiliation to masturbation, Heroine Rumble is made to appeal to more than just wrestling fetishists.

The new changes and additions onwards from version 0.2 to version 0.3 include new models, tweaked animations and outfits, modifications to the futanari gameplay, the addition of stats, a new grapple system adding more complexity to combat and a new team battle/orgy mode, among other more and less significant changes and fixes.

The full, extended changelog for Heroine Rumble can be found by following this link to Enlit3D’s blog. Version 0.309 features multiple bug fixes for version 0.3 and adds a greater amount of randomly generated opponents with multiple clothing options.

Enlit3D has been issuing a steady stream of updates and builds for Heroine Rumble. We can only hope they maintain this pace. If you’d like to keep up with Enlit3D and the development of Heroine Rumble, you can check out their blog or their Patreon . The latest build of the game can be found at this link.

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