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Wandfully has released a teaser game called, A Day With Paige. It serves as an introduction to a planned series of mini episodes.

Wandfully is a new indie development team which is creating adult games. They have just created a teaser called, A Day With Paige. In A Day With Paige, you take the role of an university student who’s having a rough start to his first day of school. This isn’t just any school, it’s a school for magic. Including a magic school makes it tempting to call this “adult Harry Potter,” but that would undercut what Wandfully has created.

During your playthrough, you will be tasked with navigating the standard choice system and dialogue trees you’d come to expect in a visual novel, but you will also have the chance to engage in minigames. Some of those games have you practicing wind magic while trying to avoid “accidentally” blowing a girl’s skirt up. Other’s will have you enlarging a girl’s breasts with your engorging magic.

This current build focuses on one girl, Paige, but Wandfully has other characters and scenarios in the pipeline for future episodes. Supporters of their Patreon will be allowed to vote on what comes next.

While A Day With Paige is simply a teaser, there is already a high level of polish and effort that you’d expect to see in a final product. One thing that stands out is how the dialogue displays. It appears as word bubbles which gradually get smaller and stack up in a manner, which allows you to back track the conversation without bringing the entire game to a halt. Their keyboard-based choice system works by having the player press and hold the key, allowing you an opportunity to change your mind or correct a mistake.

A Day With Paige is currently available to play for free at NewGrounds . More information on what Wandfully plans for the future can be found on their Tumblr , Twitter , and Patreon pages.

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