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Skemitligr and SadisticIrony, or Sadi for short, are creating Team Titans Trainer, where you play as a new Teen Titan trying to teach Star Fire about sex.

A programmer named Skemitligr is working on his first game, Team Titans Trainer, with the artist known as Sadistic Irony — Sadi for short. Sadi is a well-known fixture in the H-game community and has previously made a wide range of free and paid games, including her current project Total NC: Cameo Collector.

Team Titans Trainer is the heart warming story of a new member of the Teen Titans, who just wants to get his dick sucked by the resident alien hottie. As the game goes on, you will use persuasion and Starfire’s extreme naivety to convince her to engage in ever more sexual conduct, teaching her the ins and outs of all things naughty. Your pervy super hero is aided in this task by his X-ray vision super powers — powers well suited for life as a porn protagonist. The version of Starfire, and the Teen Titans in general, on display in the game are the versions from the ever-popular Cartoon Network TV show.

Thus far, only a short demo for the game has been released. The demo allows players a chance to try out the game’s weight lifting mini-game as well as a go around with your character’s X-ray vision and a very unaware Starfire. All in all it clocks out at about fifteen minutes or so worth of play time.

However, Skemtiligr has assured us that this demo just serves as a proof of concept, and a more complete demo will be along within the next month. Some elements that Skemtiligr has proposed changing or adding include a fix to the display for CGs so the text doesn’t cover them, improvements to the training mini-game, and the beginning of the sequence of events where you train Starfire. At the moment, it’s unclear how long the team plans on making the game.

You can go play Team Titans Trainer over at Skemtiligr’s Patreon . If you want to try some of Sadi’s other games, you should take a gander over to her Patreon as well.

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