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Love Mythos: Sanctuary Island is a visual novel that focuses heavily on telling a good story while also incorporating a Bust-a-Move (Puzzle Bobble) style puzzle game to mix things up. Developer Squid Sins Squad has turned to Kickstarter for funding assistance to help bring this project to life.

Squid Sins Squad is an independent developer who has taken to Kickstarter to help fund the creation of their puzzle-based visual novel, Love Mythos: Sanctuary Island. The game is said to be heavily story driven. Player’s performance in the minigame and choices made in dialogue scenes will have a real impact on the story’s outcome. They also promise a variety of fetishes, quality romance, and the choice between having sex or just being friends.  It will be available for PC, Linux and Mac.

Here’s some more information on the story:

You, an independent selkie just enjoying life in the Ocean, have been captured by the strange creatures called humans. Kept in darkness without your precious skin, you’re sure it’s the end when suddenly a team of rescuers sweep in and take you away.

They whisk you off to a hidden island; but not just any island. You find yourself at a rehabilitation center for fey who have been hurt by humans. And while you are not grievously wounded, the rescuers couldn’t recover your skin. You are now stranded on land, with no way to ever get home.

From there you meet the inhabitants of the island, and can choose to interact with them, or not. There is a large degree of freedom in this game for you to shape the world how you want. You can pursue a character’s entire story line, unlock an ending, then go back and play another. Or you can take turns engaging multiple characters, learning about their past and what brought them to Sanctuary Island. The world is your oyster.

The characters in Love Mythos: Sanctuary Island  are based off of myths and folklore which gives them their unique characteristics. Currently, there are eight planned, and they will each have varying story paths. This allows for the game to have 19+ endings, but there may be additional characters depending on funding and possible completion of stretch goals. Here is a full list of planned characters and features:

  • – Choose how you want your main character to be represented, with Male Pronouns, Female Pronouns, or They/Them!
  • – 8 love interests to choose from, 4 female and 4 male, hailing from all over the world. Craving a beefcake bara daddy? Check. Looking for a total nerd with killer hair? Check. Whatever your flavor, you’ll find something you like here.
  • – 25+ in-game locations that you can explore with the other inhabitants of the island. Swim in the ocean with a mermaid, run through a meadow with a     centaur, go to physical therapy with a minotaur. There are even special, hidden locations unlocked through certain endings.
  • – Interact with mythological creatures from all over the world, ranging from Alkonosts to Manticores!
  • – 19+ unlockable endings, with drastically different outcomes. You can save characters, or send them teetering over the edge.
  • – Friendship options in case doing the down and dirty isn’t your scene. Ace and Asexuals are welcome in our party.
  • – A bubble-shooter game, with consequences to characters and the storylines you’ve unlocked so far.
  • – A catchy, mood-driven sound track guaranteed to pull you in and immerse you in the world of Love Mythos.


Stretch Goal Characters:

Skol Z’kiy: This slime girl heralds from the very cold wastes of Russia. She’s sweet, shy, and a bit slippery.

Tagata Tino’ese: A lovely lady cyclops heralding from the Polynesian belt. She is the epitome of a gentle giant, although she carries two massive clubs. One in her hand, and the other between her legs.

Wapenzi: This sentient, intelligent gorilla is as handsome as he is charming. The scholarly fey was brought to the island after being shot by the humans he trusted and lived with.

(Sorry no sketches for Wapenzi yet QoQ)

In addition to these characters, there are several other stretch goals in place if Love Mythos: Sanctuary Island surpasses its initial funding goal. At $10,000, there will be additional splash art. $15,000 will allow for gender specific NSFW scenes, as they are currently written in a way that focuses on only the love interest. $20,000 will allow for even more NSFW splash art. $25,000 will enable Squid Sins Squad to add additional chapters showing the love interest’s backstories. $35,000 leads to the creation of accessory items to be won in the minigame —  items which the love interests can wear. Finally, $50,000 will open up voting to add the extra characters mentioned above.

As far as rewards go, there are quite a few things being promised in addition to the expected “Thank You” and having your name in the credits. Backers can look forward to a desktop wallpaper, the game soundtrack, a digital artbook, a hardcover autographed artbook, copies of the game, beta access, postcards, stickers, key chains, posters, and even duffel bags. As a side note, any physical items will only be offered through Kickstarter, and there are no plans for add-on items afterward.

We’re not quite done with the rewards. For those high-level backers, there are a few very exclusive perks. At $500, you can commission the game’s artist to draw almost anything you want. At $1,000 you can spend a weekend with the Squid Sin Squad at Katsucon 2018. Those folks will receive a badge and one fully catered dinner at the Gaylord restaurant as well as an exclusive karaoke party. Up to two people who donate $3,000 will be able to create a custom love interest for the game. This new character will have a story path created for them as well. Finally, the one person who donates $8,000 will be able to create a custom protagonist. The character will get the full treatment, including CGs drawn with their likeness.

The FAQ section on the campaign page brought up a few points not mentioned elsewhere. For starters, Love Mythos: Sanctuary Island will not contain any voice acting. Squid Sins Squad also plans to release a SFW version of the game on Steam, but they will release a patch to restore the H-scenes. At the time of writing, Love Mythos: Sanctuary Island is at $2,195 with just over 30 days to go to reach their $8,000 goal. The Steam Greenlight page is also active if you’d like like to go vote. Check out more from Squid Sins Squad on their Tumblr page.

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