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Illusion’s VR girlfriend simulator, VR Kanojo, has been released on their web store.

Ever since Illusion first unveiled their project for a virtual reality-based girlfriend, certain folks have been waiting with baited breath to finally get their hands on it. After the passing of months and despite the official YouTube account being deleted, VR Kanojo has finally been released.

Along with the release of the game, Illusion has also released another teaser video. This video shows a future feature of the game in which you get to take lewd, voyeuristic photos with a cell phone. There’s not a lot to it, as it is only 30 seconds in length, but feel free to watch it down below.

In addition to the game’s launch, Illusion also posted some new details on their website about future improvements to VR Kanojo. They mention the “shoot function,” as well as a night mode and new costumes. The new costumes will consist of a uniform cardigan, a blazer, two colors of China dress, and a different color maid uniform. All of this will be free, and more information should be available later this month. There is still no word on the planned Steam release.

For those who would like to purchase VR Kanojo, stop by Illusion’s website. It requires the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and will cost ¥4,980 or about $43.68. In case you were wondering, the game does appear to be subtitled in English.

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