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Veteran erotic game developer TechArts will be closing its doors March 20th, 2017. The company has produced many hit titles over the span of twenty-one years.

Character artist and illustrator Akaza has announced via Twitter that TechArts, a veteran eroge developer of 21 years, will be closing down on the 20th of March this year.

Akaza, working as an artist and director for May-Be SOFT, has stated he will be leaving the company and following up with another tweet he cannot discuss further legal details. The artist also mentioned he has been working on another title, which will not be released due to the company’s closure.


TechArts was founded in 1996 and it managed to spawn several brands and labels over the years , including May-Be SOFT, MBS TRUTH, SQUEEZ, G.J, OLE, OLE-M, Gyuunyuu Sensha, Giza10, Ripe, One-up, Tech Arts3D, Bullet, SEX SIMULATOR, Venus_S, and Shiroi Pantsu. Many of those eroge development studios themselves.

Over the years, TechArts and its subsidiaries have produced many erotic visual novel games with a few common recurring elements; an abundance of heroines with an even bigger abundance of chest sizes, exemplified in the Honoo no Haramase series; body transformation/body swap antics of the Henshin! series protagonists; and even erotic familial relationships, such as the ones in Ane to Boin. Many of the most popular visual novels produced by the company have even received hentai anime adaptations, as you can see from few of the comparison screenshots below.

Honoo no Haramase visual novel and anime adaptation


Ane to Boin visual novel and anime adaptation

By far one of the most popular things to come out of TechArts is 3D Custom Girl, produced by their label Tech Arts3D. For those unaware, 3D Custom Girl is a character creator game, in which the player is able to create and clothe his own custom female character in a 3D environment and then proceed to have sex with her in a few preset sexual positions. Since the game’s release in 2008, it has received two expansions and even became compatible with MikuMikuDance, allowing for the creation of more complex animations. Highly moddable and not too difficult to use, 3D Custom Girl has helped a lot of Western and Eastern developers in creating their own eroge by using models and animations found in the game.

3D Custom Girl

It’s very unfortunate that a company with a legacy like TechArts would have to close down, but as with ELF and many other and bigger and smaller developers, it only has been proven that the market is merciless and can swallow anyone unable to pull their weight. We hope that brands under TechArts will be acquired and able to produce quality erotic entertainment once more.

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